2014- The year of Rosberg?

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    Okay, I admit that these threads are quite pointless as it is almost impossible to predict for me there are indicators that Rosberg might have a chance in this new era. Rumours are suggesting that the Merc engine is pretty decent and quite a few people have been talking about drivers needing to be really intelligent next year and Rosberg is known to work pretty closely with his engineers. If it really does come down to who the smartest guy is then I don’t think I can be blamed for thinking he could really be ahead of Hamilton next year.

    Who do you think could thrive in this new era? Could some favourites fall away and we get some new stars?


    The only thing you can really say is that he can hold his own against Hamilton. It was nice to see him hold his own against Hamilton, who is generally seen as one of the fastest current F1 drivers.

    To be honest, I find it difficult to believe that Vettel is suddenly going to fall back and we end up with a surprise front-runner, like in 2009. RBR would have to have a spectacular drop in form (like McLaren/Ferrari in 2009); my understanding is that RBR continued development on their RB9 pretty deep into the season, despite their healthy lead in the standings. Maybe that’ll hurt them for 2014.

    If the cars are difficult to drive (as some seem to be predicting), I think it’ll be those who can typically wring something out of a less-than-optimal setup who will do best, or those who don’t mind thrashing the car around a bit (i.e. with the extra torque next year, I’m thinking of power oversteer). In this sense, I think drivers like Button who seem to be extremely sensitive to car setup and balance will be less successful than those who tend to adapt to those types of situations better.


    If Mercedes have a healthy advantage over the rest of the field next year like Brawn did in the beginning of 2009, then I have a lot more faith in Rosberg bringing the fight to Hamilton than I ever did in Webber bringing the fight to Vettel.

    Lucas Wilson

    I hope that Mercedes are top next year. I have always liked them, plus I could not stand another year of Vettel-Newey.

    Aish Heydrich

    You spelled Vettel wrong.

    Iestyn Davies

    Interestingly, if Mercedes have the best package overall, Lewis and Nico being so close (multiple 1-2s, with Vettel in the mix like at Monaco) would really put them in a titanic title battle, along with Vettel trying to make his way into it.

    It is hard to predict how 2014 will affect the order of drivers. Some guys seemed to like the pre-TC 2001 car + engine.. others seem to match less power, more downforce relative. Smoothing out the torque delivery could be key next year, and Renault is well versed in this area. Merc’s extra hp could maybe only see a benefit at top speed tracks like Monza..

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