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    I was just thinking that the two most recent Tilke-designed tracks both have suffered from a pit lane entrance which at best could be described as awkward and at worst, dangerous. Given that part of the reason Tilke had to re-design (ruin) the BusStop at Spa was to make the pit lane entrance better and that there was issues with the pitlane at Singapore, surely he should be doing better than this?

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    Well a more cynical person than I may just suggest that Mr Tilke’s company earns a fair bit of money redesigning pit entrances and other areas of the track and as such designs in little errors like this to make sure he’s always got work, or it could just be that sometimes it’s hard to tell how all of the different aspects of the track will work until you’ve actually built the thing and ran a few cars around it at high speed and that problems like this are an inevitable feature of any large scale construction project.

    Your point of view probably depends how much of a conspiracy theorist you are, personally I go with the later explanation – especially at Korea, if the track had been finished a few weeks earlier they’d have been able to run a car around there at full speed to see if anything like the pit entrance was causing problems so that they could try to fix it before the race weekend. Singapore being a street circuit also limited the amount of testing they could do before the race weekend which probably contributed to the pit entrance problems there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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