Alan Permane radio message (Kimi’s radio message, India)

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    Aish Heydrich

    Best one I got till now.


    Yeah I think it was very stupid from Kimi to try to hold Grosjean, and it’s understandable that Permane was angry. Watching some of the comments on the video, I think Kimi-fans need to calm down a bit, Räikkönen really got what he deserved, and I hope he understands it himself too :-)


    Hey you guys, aish works with Lotus, please don’t call him a Kimi fanboy…


    Most of the comments in that youtube video are just disgraceful. As Jamie has already said, his race engineer was right to be annoyed, perhaps he said it a bit too strongly I agree, but it was a stressful situation for the team. Grosjean couldn’t afford to lose any time if he wanted to get a podium.

    But yeah, the comments…. It’s seems like if anyone has something negative to say towards or to Kimi, they just get attacked by Raikkonen fanboys.

    Iestyn Davies

    It is funny, but really the team messed up there. If they held Kimi out for a few more laps before his stop, he could have managed a 1 stop and perhaps got them second place to go with fourth (avoiding a slow pit stop as well). As it goes, they also missed out on Grosjean beating Kimi home in a comfortable second to third double podium due to messing up Q1. So really the team should be angry with itself!! They’ve also failed with team orders in the past (Bahrain 2012) and used them only when going for lead driver ahead 2-3 on the podium.


    By the way, to be honest in most f1 sites, whenever someone comments about Kimi in an accident example “Monaco this year”, once you say something wrong about Kimi, every single Kimi fan just attacks you.
    In this video, if you are Kimi, and you have 4th place Grosjean chasing you at a rapid rate, and then right behind Romain comes Massa!! If Kimi would have continued to fight with Romain, Romain could have had a slim chance of losing the podium to Massa. We saw that Massa was on the gearbox of Grosjean already, and remember the Lotus isn’t really that fast in a straightline. So, this was a very risky battle, and considering that Lotus are battling with Merc and Ferrari for 2nd place, they’ve got nothing to lose.


    Shame we don’t know more about the context of the message (was Kimi asked before, etc.) I have to say I had a good laugh at all the people on social media going ‘you don’t treat an employee that you haven’t paid for 1.5 years like this’ and ‘blatant favoritism of Grosjean’. There is even a ‘I don’t like Lotus F1 after what they told Kimi’ Facebook page, with hundreds of likes..


    It is frustrating for a die hard F1 fan like myself, that ignorant people like those commenting on the internet about how poorly Kimi was treated. Heat of the moment is just that, I don’t think Permane would in normal circumstances yell at Kimi like that, obviously everyone was tense, but as others have stated, everyone but Kimi knew that GRO was clearly faster and that any attempt to defend was only going to be costly to both drivers and the team. So Parnell was keen to let Kimi know that.

    Aish Heydrich

    Some Kimi fan-
    “When Alan Permane goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for The Iceman. He checks under the bed too, but finds only his balls and Romain Grosjean.”



    Generally speaking I’d have to say that, emotions running high or otherwise, it’s pretty unprofessional and uncalled for, for an employee (in any profession) to be spoken to like that by their boss. I totally understand the frustration behind it, and frankly Raikkonen was an absolute idiot even for needing to be told in the first place, let alone for running his teammate off the road and potentially causing a crash. But then, I suppose in terms of unprofessional conduct on the radio, it’s probably Raikkonen himself who has set the tone. It’s just sad really to see a team and driver failing to work together so spectacularly. Nobody comes off looking good in that situation.

    Except Grosjean of course, who drove brilliantly and is finally delivering on the promise he showed in GP2.


    The thing here is, we do not understand the intra-team dynamic. Raikkonen has spoken back to his employers in what many may consider to be a rude manner many times over the past couple of seasons. However, Lotus have been open-minded about it. I guess that goes both ways, so now that Kimi is on the receiving end I don’t quite understand what the hoo-haa is all about.

    Also, don’t forget in the last race Romain begged for the place to be given back but Lotus maintained starus quo…so there is no question that they are suddenly anti-Kimi or something.

    Aish Heydrich

    @keithcollantine: Found some evidence that you might use to prove your point that Kimi doesn’t even care and that he understands the situation.


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