Are we going to see a repeat of 2011?

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    The whole championship is still wide open, Alonso’s anything but out of it.


    I’m not saying he can’t win it – he certainly still can. But he can only do it with the fastest car (something that all drivers you mention above had) to catch back up. As it stands, they’re just about as quick as Lotus, and nowhere near as quick as Red Bull. And given that Ferrari hasn’t produced the fastest car in the field since 2008, I don’t like their chances of suddenly becoming the fastest now.


    As it stands, they’re just about as quick as Lotus, and nowhere near as quick as Red Bull.

    In the last race. In China they were faster. Last year Red Bull was fastest in Bahrain, and was nowhere in Spain.
    Why the need to create such a drama out of nothing?


    “nowhere near as quick as Red Bull”

    The only evidence I’ve seen for that is the fact that Vettel won, despite the fact that he did so having found himself/got himself into in a position where he would be unchallenged for the remainder of the race due to an uncompetitive team mate, problems for both Ferraris, and lowly starting positions for the Lotus’s.


    @mnmracer I’m not sure where you’re seeing the drama here. If anything, there is a profound lack of it on pace, isn’t there? After all, we saw battles galore in Bahrain… except for the lead.

    I also think that Red Bull will be aware of what happened in Spain last year after Bahrain. I’m not expecting them to make the same mistake twice. Ferrari will be closer in Spain (Alonso country, after all), but Red Bull won’t be nowhere, that’s for sure. :)

    @matt90 Martin Brundle says it so much better than I ever can: “I don’t think anybody would have troubled the reigning world champion however many ‘if, buts and maybes’ we dream up. He looked ominously fast and able to manage his tyres.”



    This thread is the drama isn’t it? “Is it going to be another 2011?”

    We can speculate all we want, but if you consider the two facts:
    1. Of the 4 races this year, Ferrari was faster than Red Bull in 2 of them.
    2. Being fast in Bahrain last year proved to be no indication of speed in following races, let alone ‘2011 dominance’.

    You can only ‘cry foul’ (in this case, cry ‘Red Bull is so fast’) if you completely disregard the previous two facts. Which is just utterly stupid to do.

    So, taking those two facts into consideration, what reason do you or anyone have to believe that a Red Bull dominance is imminent?


    Nope it wont happen. 2011 was one of those freak years, and as much as I hate to admit in, Seb was the master.

    Last year he was off his game in comparison and the title race was great- Alonso driver of the year JUST over Seb.

    This year I think it is more of a “horses for courses” season where some teams will just be quicker- Red Bull wont be fast on their “slow circuits”.

    For many a two horse race in Seb & Fernando but I think “Mr Consistenency” Kimi will be up there. Webber was slow last Sunday, and yes in the same machinery (no conspirecy theories from this Aussie) he seemed again to be too hard on the rubber!!

    McLaren will come faster again, and have made some great progress since Melbourne, but wont win it. But certainly no boring progression like 2011 (I bl**dy hope anyway LOL)

    Jon Sandor

    Possibly, but unlikely.

    The next eight races include several which Vettel and/or Red Bull tend to not do so well at. Canada is a bogy race for RB and at several of the Europe tracks I can see Seb dropping points. It all depends on who can pick them up.

    Vettel has an absolutely phenomenal record at the fly-away Asian races after Monza. If he leaves Monza tied or in the lead, it’s probably all over. The goal for Alonso and Kimi is to build up a cushion in the next several GP’s. I expect we’ll see that happen – the only question will be if it’s a big enough cushion.

    Jon Sandor

    There have been 17 GP’s held in Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, and Abu Dhabi over the last four years. (2009 – 2012)

    Vettel has won eleven, come second three times, come third twice, and finished fourth once. He suffered DNF’s twice – and was leading the race on both occasions.

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