Channel 4 confirm 2016 F1 coverage details

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    he’s driven the turbo cars, hasn’t he?

    I don’t think so, unless he did it for TV. Last I remember him driving was a Caterham, and they never used V6’s.

    OK my memory is terrible, they did use V6’s. I don’t think he ever drove one though.


    There’s a Guy Martins speed F1 special on Thursday at 9 on 4, should be entertaining.

    It’s nice to see that they’re pushing the F1 adverts this week.


    Looking forward to tonight’s Guy Martin & David Coulthard thing. There was not enough about the engineering in F1 on BBC lately, and there’s been surprisingly little TV about the old cars-v-bikes argument.


    Why’s DC got wet tyres on?! I bet the bike’s on the right rubber. We shall see after the ad break (better get used to that…)


    @Bullfrog I presume for the braking and drag race challenges they put wet tyres on the Red Bull in order to make the result more closer.


    What did everybody think of the C4 coverage? Steve Jones seemed a overwhelmed by it all but i’m sure he’ll settle into it. Should steer clear of driver name puns though.. *cringe*

    Euro Brun

    I though C4 coverage was not too bad. Webber and Coulthard work well together. Still 50/50 on Jones. Not bad, but not great.
    Biggest disappointment for me was Ben Edwards. I really liked him back when he did BTCC, but he was worse than Murray Walker at his most befuddled. Edwards didn’t seem to gave a clue bout the new quali rules (so another bonus that we’re reverting again) and i just find myself screaming at the TV correcting him.


    I don’t post very often… (a habit I intend to change this season!!) but seeing as I watched on Channel 4, I thought I’d share my opinion.

    I have Sky, and watched all their coverage live as I usually do but with Australia, I tend to watch the re-runs too so thought I’d give Channel 4’s coverage a watch anyway, just to see what they had to offer.

    I was reasonably impressed. I thought Steve Jones did a decent job, he was a little stilted & felt too scripted at times but I imagine that will change once he’s settled in a bit (as Jake Humphrey did on the BBC back in 2009). DC & Lee Mackenzie were the same as ever & I enjoyed seeing & hearing them again, and Mark Webber’s contributions were good too, I’ve never really experienced him as a pundit before, but seems to take to it well. I think Karun Chandhok will settle in well too, provided they give him time to perform his role… There was not enough of him in qualifying for example.

    As for the action… I felt for qualifying there was a lack of build up. If I was a new viewer or hadn’t already watched it live, there would’ve been things I was confused about. I suspect this was due to lack of time & wanting to focus on the action. The race build up though, I thought was much better although the grid walk felt a little bit rushed.

    As for commentary & coverage… I was disappointed that they cut the FOM intro with the track map from the beginning. As a long-time fan, obviously I know the layout but still I like to see it, just to check the DRS zones etc. I can live with them not doing a full track guide (like Anthony Davidson on Sky) but for me, showing a good map is a must.

    After that, I actually quite enjoyed Ben Edwards & DC’s commentary, I hadn’t watched on the BBC since 2013 so I haven’t heard them together since then and they seem to work much better together now. There was some confusion surrounding the qualifying rules, which didn’t help but all things considered I think they did a pretty good job.

    The post-race analysis was pretty decent too & they were able to focus on a few of the key players from further down the field, like Grosjean/Haas, Palmer & Verstappen. It was good that Webber was the podium interviewer too, it gave good continuity for them when he came back later.

    All-in-all, I think they did a good job. They lacked the depth of coverage that I enjoy with Sky, particularly surrounding practice & qualifying but then Sky have several more hours of screen time (and presumably a far higher budget) to play with. So therefore I’d say the free-to-air coverage is in fairly safe hands & actually probably a little more accessible to casual fans than Sky’s level of minute detail.

    So, as an F1 fanatic who loves the minutiae, I’ll be sticking with Sky, but if had to watch Channel 4, I wouldn’t be too disappointed!


    I liked the C4 coverage (it was better than the last days of the BBC coverage), but I’ll reserve a full opinion until after a live race weekend.


    Just discovered my new favourite commentary duo: Ben Edwards and Karun Chandhok who did the Friday night practice from Bahrain.

    Shame there weren’t any cameras looking back at the drivers’ faces – that’s what night racing’s all about, as anyone would have seen who watched the MotoGP from Qatar, with the riders’ eyes like dinner plates.

    But where’s Tony Dodgins on here?!
    F1 on 4 team
    After the big announcement of hundreds of Channel 4 presenters, it was amusing to hear him back again on Practice 1, as if nothing had changed and the remains of the BBC crew was still covering it.


    Yeah Karun is getting better and better, his pitlane reporting in practice was great.


    I watched the race on Channel 4 after having watched Melbourne on Sky (thanks to my sister in law giving me her SkyGo login details) and I have to say I liked it, though I do miss hearing Brundle’s opinion I must admit.

    I’m still up in the air about Steve Jones, he isn’t bad but he clearly doesn’t have the depth of knowledge that is necessary to lead the broadcast but he is doing a professional job. DC and Webber are a nice duo, makes me wonder how much fun engineering meetings at Red Bull must have been in 07/08. Ben Edwards was his usual solid self and Karun Chandhok was underused in the race I feel. While he probably doesn’t have the gravitas of DC or Webber because his F1 career never really took off, he knows his onions and always talks sense. I’m not sure why Susie Wolff got so much airtime, she doesn’t add much to the broadcast and she was barely audible, I’m glad Toto highlighted the point! Also, why give her the RBR steering wheel to explain the start procedures when you have the WEC champion and a veteran of 7 seasons with Red Bull standing right next to her?

    So it was a good start for C4, lots to build on.

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