Could a Points to £ system work to divide prize money?

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    Richard Shaw

    I read an article half way though the season, that Force India was one of the most efficient teams points to pound this year (at the time). Second only to Mercedes. With the recent financial issues in F1 surfacing, it got me thinking that could a points to pound system theoretically work, and would it be in your opinion a fairer way of distributing the prize money?


    If Mercedes are earning 700+ points post Abu-Double and Caterham/Sauber are scoring nought… unless the money distribution resembles the Australian Tax System (PM if interested), it would do more harm than good.


    Due to the reasons @pezlo2013 mentioned, a direct system in a cash4points.com manner wouldn’t work. However, I like your general idea: offer price money per race based on position. That way, the smaller teams would have a relevant battle each time, which ideally would result in slightly more air time and therefore also more sponsorship. Not to mention, we’d be having more action. It would also be more fair for lower teams, since right now one race (read: Monaco) can basically decide that lower tier battle, no matter if the other team(s) fared better or worse the rest of the season.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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