Does Martin Whitmarsh favour Button over Hamilton?


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    No, because of the way he’s behaved in the past – like the infamous “don’t touch me, man!” moment.

    Ummm in that incident you´re mentioning.. he was giving an interview when he gets tugged at by FM… How would you react man??? Do you like to be handled like that by anybody?? And after that… he simply walked away so as not to make an ever bigger scene or say something he shouldn´t… I don´t see inmaturity by his part… He actually handled it quite well…. Or would you rather he had been a little more like Mansell and track him down to whoop his bum??
    Seriously man… double standards…. they suck…

    Lewis Stroll


    Jenson is as complete a package as rivals like Alonso, Vettel or Raikkonen to make him the default lead driver

    Oh i think you misread my sentence.
    What i wrote was

    But perhaps what Martin should consider is whether Jenson is as complete a package as rivals like Alonso, Vettel or Raikkonen to make him the default lead driver.

    Jenson is a great driver and he will retire in future with a F1 career to be proud of. He is however close but maybe just not close enough to be part of the stratosphere that the likes of Alonso reside in. If you put Button in the F2012, he won’t disgrace the car and he would definitely outpace Massa but he probably won’t wring as much out of the car as Alonso – which is what the super-elite drivers will do.

    Put it this way, if a poll were to be done now on which current drivers would squeeze in into a revised list of all-time top 20 F1 drivers, Jenson’s name probably won’t figure in the discussion as prominently as super-elite drivers like Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen and of coz, MSC.

    It is degrading to call Button McLaren no 2 material but neither is he outright McLaren no 1 material. He is probably erm, a McLaren no 1.5 material if there is such a term.

    I hope that Whitmarsh would go for someone like Raikkonen if Hamilton leaves – who all things equal, would be that vital bit faster than Button; and drop the idea of getting someone like di Resta or Perez to Button in as a clear understudy for 2013.



    Well I agree that Button is good but I often feel he´s overrated. He had a brilliant 2009 season because of the BRAWN but, I just have something against stuff like that.
    I also agree he would not make the list and I do see that it could be considered degrading to call him a number 2 driver but, I just feel that he should be a lead driver in a midfield team… That´s just my opinion.
    If Hamilton leaves McLaren, I don´t know who they could actually go for since Kimi seems to have it peachy at Lotus; ALO seems he´s going to end his career as number 1 driver in Ferrari; Schumacher I feel is past his prime but has improved a lot from his other 2 seasons and on seniority alone is considered to be lead driver in Mercedes, so who could they actully go for? Vettel? I don´t think he would leave RBR. The only way he´s leaving RBR is when he moves to Ferrari which I don´t see it happening until Alonso retires… so yeah…. McLaren should really reconsider dropping Hamilton…. He´s the best they´ve got! Forget the off track behaviour and just go with it…. he won´t let them down…


    Relationships will always get strained at some point, at some level. What we see now, might be Whitmarsh having a slight headache over the lengths of contract negotiations as well as the multiple off track incidents. Merely being less affectionate or passionate about someone for a short amount of time, does not have to mean love is over. Silly Season aside, McLaren know they want to keep Lewis and Lewis knows McLaren is his best option. As mentioned by others before, Villeneuve made the mistake of leaving Williams for BAR under the premise of making it a winning team, Hamilton would be advised to be aware of being asked to build a team Schumacher and Brawn couldn’t turn into winners.

    As for Button, he might be vocal with complaints or feedback on the car, but he is a very relaxed gentleman. He lacks the edge guys like Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen or Vettel got, but he has done much better at McLaren compared to Lewis than anyone thought, not to mention is a good fit for the team. Perhaps his personality matches that of Whitmarsh more and that results in more noticeable affection.

    To those bringing up Senna, there are those who say that Senna and Dennis were no longer very close in 1993, due to circumstances I probably don’t have to repeat here. As I said, relationships sour.

    By the way;

    aren’t you tired of pulling out 4 year old stories yet

    I found this to be amusing in the context of F1, as many people who dislike Alonso never let Crashgate or 2007 rest and people still get their panties in a bunch when the name Schumacher pops up anywhere near ‘Monaco 2006’, ‘Jerez 1997’ or ‘Adelaide 1994’. I might not have passed math with perfect scores in high school, but I think those are a little older than 4 years old and are still brought up in many talks about Schumacher that I see.

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