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    Thanks @retardedf1sh

    The oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar is ploughing billions of pounds into hosting many sporting events, this includes looking to host a Formula 1 race in the near future.
    The capital of Doha already has a motorsport facility at Losail but there has been talks to create a new venue for Formula 1.

    Your challenge is to create this new venue in Qatar

    – Circuit must be between 4 and 7km long
    – Cannot use the Losail circuit
    – Street circuits are permitted
    – Must design pit lane
    – Less than 18 corners

    Bonus points for less corners!

    Deadline will be sometime this Friday

    Good luck!

    Marco Freire


    Length: 3.5 mi (5.7 km)
    Clockwise, 16 corners

    I decided to go for a street circuit approach this time, in the capital city of Doha. This circuit includes a 1.2 mile flat out curve that runs along the waterfront.

    Marco Freire

    *My entry actually has 17 corners.


    @mfreire: There is no link to the circuit.

    My entry:


    4.8 km, clockwise, 11 corners.

    Marco Freire

    Oh, good God. Thanks


    Al Bidda Park street circuit
    3.5 mi (5.7 km)
    18 corners

    I decided to go for a street circuit approach this time, in the capital city of Doha. This circuit includes a 1.2 mile flat out curve next to where the pits would be situated that runs along the waterfront.



    17 corners, 6.042km clockwise circuit.

    Haven’t got much time to describe this one so I’ll just point out a few key corners.

    T3,4 are both fast sweepers to the right.
    T,5 is a sharp braking zone and overtaking opportunity.
    T9 is a quick sweep to the right, making braking for T10 tricky.
    T11 is a quick flat out kink to the left.
    T12 is similar to Bahrain final corner. (Double apex essentially two corners).
    T13 is a difficult corner, quite fast, open but still an overtaking opportunity.
    T14,15,16 complex is tight but again should be good for overtaking. Odd profile with the middle part being the tightest part so the cars will need a good change of direction here.
    T17 final corner is fairly open. Whilst not an overtaking place due to the length of the preceding straight, it should make overtaking easier into T1.

    Marco Freire

    *I modified my entry a bit, It now actually has 16 corners.

    ching ho


    5.5km, 15 corners. Track rotates anti-clockwise.
    I will be away for a while; apologies in advance for any late replies.


    Merry xmas!

    I really liked all of your entries this challenge, some really nice tracks, good work!
    But there can only be one winner, and it goes to @toti who had a great circuit which is both simple and fun.

    I hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

    Over to you Toti!


    Thanks @juicedtin!

    The next challenge is to design a brand new circuit in North Africa, near to Oran, Algeria.

    The rules:
    – no street circuit
    – the circuit must be between 4 and 5.5 km long
    – the circuit have to have a long straight between 1 and 1.5 km
    – design a double esses complex (left-right-left-right or right-left-right-left)
    – design a fast chicane (like the last chicane in Montreal or Variante Alta in Imola)
    – must design pit lane

    Deadline: next Friday.

    Good luck!

    Marco Freire


    Circuit name: Mers El Kebir

    Length: 3.4 mi (5.48 km)


    This track has about 200 feet of elevation change.


    Oran Ring GP Circuit

    16 corners


    A long 1.1km straight leads to a slight uphill left hand hairpin, this follows with the right-left-right-left combination esses which have been designed with lots of camber angle to have the cars really fly through at a quick speed, it would be quite the spectacle to watch. As soon as that’s done, a right hand hairpin and then a tight left hander opens and then tightens up on the exit.
    The next corner is a high speed off camber left hander which will prove difficult for the drivers, and then an on camber right hander immediately afterwards. Finishing the sector of the course, drivers have to navigate a simple right hand hairpin and follow the road down as it sweeps left in to an off camber, tight, left hand corner.
    The cars will rise and fall over a slight crest and come to the second last bend, a left hand corner which leads to the very tight and fast right-left chicane. Speed through this last corner can make or break a lap, with large kerbs, cars can be easily damaged or unsettled, potentially punishing exit speed for sloppy driving and ruining the lap.

    Happy new year!


    @mfreire is the winner!

    Two good track with good locations, but the better is Marco’s circuit now.
    I had a mistake, I wanted to write “have a long straight between 1.5 and 2 km”, this challange was easier than I planned.

    Over to you, Marco!

    Marco Freire

    Thank you

    OK- a Grand Prix in South Africa has not been held since 1993, and despite efforts to bring it back (including recent reports of Bernie Ecclestone trying to start an F1 GP there again), nothing has happened so far. If there was to be a Grand Prix in South Africa again, what circuit would you design for the GP?

    Rules for the circuit:

    -You may design a permanent, street, Roval or a combination of both or all of those circuits that is between 3.4 and 8 km (2.1 and 5 miles) long.
    -You may design a circuit anywhere you want in South Africa, except for: a game reserve, or any other reservation, park or any other kind of land area where native animals (lions, cheetahs, water buffalo) are known to live.
    -You cannot modify the land dramatically for the circuit.
    -You may not get rid of existing permanent structures that house persons living or working in those structures.
    -There is no limit to how many corners you want to include in the circuit, and the track can have straights up to 1.4 mi (2.2 km) long- no longer; an entry with a straight longer than the described length won’t be counted.

    Have fun!

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