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    Marco Freire

    Singapore street circuit re-build
    Length: 5.4 mi (8.7 km)


    The 3 corners that I have kept are the last two and the one entering the purpose-built pits area. The corner after the latter has been changed to be made faster, and the rest of the corners that I have used that exist on the current circuit have been re-profiled- the one at the end of the windy straight after the hairpin has been made a bit faster, and the first two corners have been made a hard-turning, medium-speed left-right sequence.



    5.24km, 15 corners clockwise circuit.

    The main straight has been extended slightly to help with overtaking. T1 is similar in style to the old T1, but is now slightly tighter. T2 is a quick flick to the left almost directly after T1. T3 follows the same as it did before for the majority, but it is completely different on entry. The combination of T1,2,3 should make it quite difficult to achieve an ultimate line through them all. There is then a about a 600m straight down to T4. With how open T3 is this could become a new overtaking spot. T4 starts quite tight and should be quite challenging as I believe it would be slightly down hill, unlike the old T4 which was uphill. T5 follows on the exit of T4 and is a sweeping right hander that the cars should find quite difficult, especially if you don’t have a planted rear.

    T6 follows again quickly, a quick flat out left hand sweeper which should be a good place to see the cars go through as it goes up hill. A short straight follows before we arrive at T7 a long right sweeper. This leads into T8. T8 is a slightly re-profiled version of the old T5. It follows the same exit but it’s entry has been shallowed up. The entry now could provide overtaking, simply because cars are forced to the left of the track by T7, but will want to drive to the right to open it up, which should mean having to scrub slightly more speed off to get the optimal line, hence encouraging overtaking. The next ‘straight’ bit is kept exactly the same (the corner on it is now T9) until you get to where there used to be a corner which is now no longer present and instead goes straight onto, well, a straight. This new straight is to compensate for the loss of the straight between the old T9 and T10.

    The straight ends in quite a tight hairpin, T10. Not quite as tight as the old T10, but certainly it is an overtaking opportunity. The next section of track is quite technical. T11 shortly follows, a corner which could potentially allow for switchback moves to take place, similar to how they did in the final section of corners at Istanbul Park. T12 follows and is quite an open corner, certainly tricky with these cars with the less down force and less stable rears with more power. It should cause some cars to squirm a little. T13 follows and is another tight right hand hairpin which opens up and continues around to create T14, which is how the old circuit used to go, so I’m bringing that back but not in the same capacity as it once was. However, this opens up T15. T15 is one of two corners to stay exactly the same. With the now slightly more open end to the lap it should mean overtaking to T1 is even more improved.

    I think the redesign makes for certain there are 3 definite overtaking spots, but only if you’re good enough to keep yourself close on the exit of corners.

    I thought I’d share this one I did as well. Disgard this one from the competition

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6527569 It’s a slightly closer to the original track layout version that I thought wasn’t different enough to enter, but I liked the end to the circuit in particular. If you make everything go back to the original layout up to the hairpin, but keep everything how it is in the redesign after it I’d like to think it could be a realistic solution to the overtaking issues that Catalunya can have, simply because there is less of a traction zone right at the end.

    mark adams
    Jeremy Daston


    7.02km, and there are 21 corners.


    18 corners




    4.4 km, clockwise, 7 corners


    ching ho


    5.3km, clockwise, 17 corners



    We have a winner?


    First thing on tomorrow’s to-do list: judging this competition :)


    @mathers… :)


    I’ve just said a very loud expletive in my lecture… I’m going to put it in my alerts to do it when I get home!


    Sorry it’s so late! I really loved all of the entries, but for me @philereid takes the victory with his new Circuit de Catalunya!


    Many thanks @mathers !

    So, similar to this last challenge, you are to redesign a circuit for F1. This time however, you are to redesign a circuit from outside of the F1 calender. IndyCar and the WEC have both been gathering steam recently. You are tasked to redesign any of the road courses that exist in either series that F1 do not currently race on (that’s all of the IndyCar road courses and Le Man + Fuji from WEC).

    So, the tracks you can redesign:

    -NOLA Motorsport Park
    -Barber Motorsports Park
    -Indianapolis Road Course
    -Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
    -Sonoma Raceway
    -Fuji Speedway
    -Le Mans


    -Circuit must be between 3.5-6.5km long (large window as some circuits will have less area to develop).
    -There must be atleast one 800m straight or longer.
    -At least 1km of each track must be kept the same, but more can be kept. The maximum that can be kept the same is 50% of the original circuit.

    That’s it, good luck to all.

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