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    Thomas A

    Oh ok. No worries @PhilEReid

    It turns out my short report was more of an essay. Hopefully people enjoy the read.


    There were a lot of very good entries for this round, but the win goes to @PhilEReid for his redesign of the Oschersleben narrowly edged out @vmaxmuffin new Lausitzring. On to you for the next round!


    Thanks @kevincucamest! Didn’t expect to win that one.

    Right, so I’m going to do a double challenge again.

    The first challenge is to design a track that has at least 70 meters of elevation change over the course of the lap. The circuit can be street or permanent or hybrid etc. (Gmaps has the elevation tool)

    – 4-8km long
    – Elevation can’t be too steep.
    – Pit-lane must be designed, or at least described.

    They’re the rules, not too many, go nuts with it.


    Okay, so I wanted to do something a little bit… Different. Feel free not to go for this one as it’s a big one, but I’d love it if someone did.

    So, for this challenge, it’s to be similar to the Pike’s Peak style challenge, however this time it’s for Formula 1. Now, as we know, Formula 1 races are the number of laps it takes to first break the 305km mark. So, your challenge is to design a long point to point course of just over 305km in length, suitable for F1.


    – Just over 305km long
    – Can by a mixture of everything, street, permanent etc.
    – You can, should you need it, reclaim upto 30km of land from the sea or lakes etc. For water bodies that are land locked, or are not actually a part of the see, should the track distance over it be less than 3km, you can claim it to be a bridge, and thus not take any of the 30km allocated for ‘reclaiming’
    – At around the 100km, and 200km mark, there must be a pit-lane designed.

    So I imagine most people will go for the first challenge. Anyway, good luck to all!

    Sean Doyle

    Mine was simply a different Hockenheim revamp that used pre-existing access roads to have a smaller impact on the forest while preserving the high speed nature of the old track.

    Turn one is unchanged, while Clark turns into a medium-fast double-apex sweeper, opening as it exits. Connecting down to the once-Senna chicane is a bending straight, easy enough to keep the throttle down until the Boot section, which is a Tilke-riffic sharp-angle right followed by a heavily rounded off hairpin of La Source’s variety. From there, a short blast followed by a near-full to full throttle left, another blast where one of the old access roads were, an even more gradual left, and another straight where there once was an access road. From there, it connects via a sharp left to the old short course, and leaves the Stadion section unchanged.

    The premise behind this in my story is if Tilke wasn’t dribbled as an infant. Sharp turns are wonderful in moderation, but fans and drivers love tracks that flow. That’s what I was shooting for there.

    Feel free to check out the other track maps in that thread I linked, but I stand by my submission of this take on Hockenheim. I like my revamp pf Watkins Glen more, but it is such a simple fix it does not belong here. (Lengthening the last straight before pit entry to tighten up the last two turns.)

    mark adams


    1st pitlane :old francorchamps
    2nd ptilane: nürburgring


    Canberra to Bathurst
    First pitlane is at the chicane at around 102km, similar to Montreal’s entrance
    Second Pitlane is in the clear space at 199km
    Splash n Dash is available at Bathurst too :)

    mark adams

    redesigned the last part of the track


    Thomas A

    I’m not going to compete in this one as I’m a little busy organising my Classic F1 season. Feel free to join in on that season if you wish. It should be good fun and it’s running on these forums under F1 games. Or just mail me and I’ll get you the link. It’s on Rfactor but if you search around you can actually get it for free now.
    Also I can’t find a decent route that doesn’t take me on a boring run along straight roads forever. If it was to find a rally course I’d be in the money as I know loads of roads for that but it’s not so i fail haha. Is certainly a challenge, I have enjoyed looking at peoples courses and have thought thats amazing why couldn’t find that.
    I look forward to the next round though.


    @gremlinwon You could always try the first challenge if you are stretched for time. Up to you.

    Thomas A


    I’ll give the proper go over the weekend. I’m struggling for inspiration. I’ll get some ideas tonight.


    @sepulhead Mark, you win this one! :) Congratulations. Over to you.

    mark adams

    France is without a grand prix since 2008

    challenge 1

    redesign a french track that has held a f1 race
    track length between 3.5k and 8 k

    or challenge 2

    street circuit in downtown Paris
    track length between 3.5 and 8k
    design pitlane


    Paris GP
    5.8km run in clockwise direction.

    The pit complex will be built partly on the Seine.


    Magny-Cours upgrade:
    Track: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6596653
    Pitlane: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6596671
    4.95km, Clockwise, 19 turns.

    Magny-Cours still has an FIA Grade 1 certification so it can host F1 races, but I’ve done some upgrades to fix some of the issues it does have.

    One is the current pits, which are very short. In addition, the first sequence of corners are fast and narrow, which while exciting is not very practical. So, I’ve moved the pits and start line to a a new back straight, which like the existing back straight, is long and has slight curves. Turn 1 is a substantial curve in this “straight”. Turn 2 is similar to the existing Adelaide hairpin, then turns 3 and 4 lead to the existing track. Turns 5 through 12 are identical to the existing track. Turn 13 is a tightening of the existing corner, leading into a medium-speed, sweeping corner that eliminates the awkward final section of the old track. Increased speed down the old front straight necessitates two extra corners before the old turn 1, which are very fast esses that slow the cars just enough to be acceptable. Turns 18 and 19 are as they were.



    Montlhery, 6.5 km

    Pitlane along outer side of main straight with the chicane as the entrance and the exit running along the edge of the straight, so entrance like Montreal and the exit like Donington of that makes sense.

    The first sector consists of a 900m blast to the first corner, one of the longest in the modern era, leading into a double apex left that almost directly flows into a sweeping 90 degrees right. A relatively short straight the follows, before drivers negotiate a tight chicane before crossing the old oval.

    The second sector starts with the forest lined track flying along to a hairpin left, a major overtaking spot if you nail the chicane. Another sweeping left hander follows soon after, before a long back straight, that takes us into a series of fast but tightening corners, similar to COTA and Silverstone but also paying homage to the original circuit.

    The track then falls away into a valley, into sector 3 which is directly lifted from the old circuit, just brought eastwards by a kilometre or so. A right left hander into a mini straight then another hairpin, followed by a flat out right, and a final corner chicane to set up the long home straight and on to another lap.

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