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    Folks, these new regulations concerning double points for the last race are just the latest in a long ling of gimmicks. These gimmicks detract from the pureness of the sport, which is meant to be the pinnacle of motor racing. It would be about the best drivers in the world, the best racing cars in the world and about driving flat-out, on the edge, each and every lap of the race.

    I’ve followed F1 passionately since about 1993, have barely missed a race. I can no longer stand by and watch the sport being destroyed in this gimmicky way.

    I don’t believe that KERS, DRS and tyres that require management add anything over than an artificial nature to the sport. Moreover, it seems each year we are watching the sport we love slide slowing towards becoming something of a joke. You need only look at what happened to the BTCC to be a little concerned…

    With that in mind I suggest a group of like-minded F1 enthusiasts coming together and “making a bit of noise” through the power of social media. If the fans aren’t happy and start switching off, and make no mistake that is what is happening, then the sponsors will become unhappy, teams will be even more dependent on pay drivers and it’ll go downhill from there.

    Might I suggest joining F1fans4change on fb and using the hashtag in front of that name on twitter, lets get trending. I don’t expect everyone to hold exactly the same view, more of an umbrella term for fans to express their dissatisfaction through social media in a way that might get noticed.

    After all, it can’t do any harm.


    Just one thing. The 2012 championship had its problems with rules, but it was a great championship nonetheless, with the different winners and different teams winning.
    And maybe another. F1 has never really been about flat out racing from start to finish, it has always been about strategy, too. If it were driving out flat each lap of the race, something would be missing.
    But on the rest, I’m in.


    Yeah I see where you’re coming from magon, the point I wanted to make was that it’s getting too close to endurance racing now. Fuel & tyre conservation. The rules should allow the drivers to push. Allowing re-fuelling again would add some more excitement and mix things up a little too.

    Having said that, glad to hear you broadly agree.


    I definitely agree that something needs to be done to get back to how it should be. Putting things back to the way they were in 2010 would be good enough for, maybe with slightly softer tyres, but that’s my personal preference. Whether it can change anything, I don’t know, but everything has to try and start somewhere. I just hope that we can work together towards one goal, for the good and pureness of the sport.

    I fell in love with F1, not because every race was action packed, but because of the engineering brilliance and drivers pushing their machines to the edge. I don’t need the FIA to spice things up for me.


    I echo your sentiments, cheers for the voice of support. I’ve set up said group on FB for people to ‘like’ and I’ve been tweeting the #f1fans4change. As you say everything has to start somewhere.


    Follow @f1fans4change on Twitter and RT folks :)


    How’s about forming the F1Fanatic Fans Federation for Future Furtherment of Formula 1, or, F1FFFFFF1?


    I for one propose the Federation of Undeterred f1 Connoisseurs Knowledgeably Furious, Irate and occasionally Apoplectic or…. FUCKFIA


    I’d say a group needs a set of specific proposals rather than change generically. The big problem right now IS change! – the one to double points at Abu Dhabi :-(

    And for example KERS is a good technology IMO, it just needs to be fully part of the show – witness Malaysia where Lewis and Nico had a fascinating battle of wits pitting fuel, kers and drs against each other but we missed it all.

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