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    @Kingshark – Wow – I didn’t expect the gap between Alonso and Vettel/Hamilton to be so big. Nor did I expect Vettel to have such a gap over Hamilton. How did you distribute points for the tied positions? There are a few of the lists who put 2 drivers together in a tie.


    Only 1 point for a Williams driver is pretty poor. I can’t help but to think what Williams would be able to achieve with a consistent yet fast driver. It would be quite a treat to see a certain Alonso putting the Williams where it belongs…the front.


    Perez has a huge amount of points compared to Kobayashi despite their performances being very even this year. It seems that second place has done wonders for him in the fans’ eyes. Everyone has seemed to have forgotten about Hulkenberg’s impressive pole though.


    @duncanmonza – Huge difference. There was genuinely nothing great about Hulk’s pole, whereas Perez was MILES ahead of Kobayashi. In the race, no less.

    And they haven’t been even this year at all. Kamui was destroyed in Australia, being outraced by Perez despite the latter starting last, only finishing above him because Rosberg was an idiot. We’ve already discussed Malaysia. Sure, Kamui qualified well in China, but he only finished 3 seconds above Checo. In Bahrain, once again, Perez finished higher up.


    @duncanmonza fans do seem to prefer a driver with higher highs and lower lows than a more consistent driver – they gravitate towards the “A+ and C-” drivers over the consistent “B” drivers.

    I personally never understood the hype about Kobayashi. All he showed in the rear end of 2009 was that he can pass. Except for China 2012 he’s never shown good qualifying pace either. Mind you – I can see why some people like him as a driver though. I just don’t share the view.


    @pamphlet I don’t know about ‘destroyed’, they were on different strategies and Sergio made his work a bit better.

    Their pace has been fairly even in qualifying this year, both have had one stand out performance compared to the other, and their pace has been pretty even in the races, except for Malaysia.

    @raymondu999 The hype has rendered him somewhat over-rated. He has, however been consistent, beaten all of his teammates and had some impressive performances (Monaco 2011, China 2012)


    @duncanmonza don’t get me wrong I don’t mean Koba’s a bad driver. He is quite a good driver, just that I don’t think he’s a grand prix winner and future world champion like others say he is.


    Mine is different from Kingshark…

    1. Alonso 568
    2. Vettel 396
    3. Hamilton 329
    4. Raikkonen 272
    5. Button 262
    6. Rosberg 173
    7. Webber 116
    8. Schumacher 104
    9. Perez 49
    10. Kovalainen 29
    11. Di Resta 23
    12. Glock 6
    13. Grosjean 4
    14. Kobayashi 3
    15. Vergne 2
    16. Massa, Ricciardo, Senna & H├╝lkenberg 1

    The median age of the voters is 20 (!!!), and first season median is 1998.
    All 23 voters mentioned each of the Top 7 in their lists. Di Resta was mentioned 12 times, but has less points than Kovalainen, mentioned 7 times.
    Vettel was mentioned as number 1 or 2 in 13 out of 23 voters, and never below 4th.
    Hamilton was mostly mentioned in fourth place (9 times), but only twice below (in fifth both times). Raikkonens mode was also 4th place (6 times), but his results had a higher standard deviation, varied much more than Hamilton’s.
    Button was mentioned a sold 5th 10 times, that’s a lot. Rosberg was mentioned as number 6 nine times, and that’s where both of them are ending up.
    Paul Di Resta was mentioned 7 times (out of 13) in 10th place. Kovalainen was mentioned as 8th place 4 times, and even twice as 7th best driver.


    Lol, so on average the voters started following F1 at the age of 6. That’s pretty young, but I guess most got into it via their fathers.

    Craig Woollard

    @necrodethmortem Not me! :D

    I got into it through our next-door neighbours! They would come round our house all the time and would play one of the old Formula One games on the PS1, as a gamer at a young age that’s probably what got me hooked!


    @necrodethmortem – That’s me. Started following it at the age of 3, though the only race that I remember from the ’97 season is Jerez (specifically because of dad’s reaction to Hakkinen winning). Fully remember ’98 though.

    The one odd thing about all of this is that, despite having a moderately F1-savvy family, none of my relatives were actual Senna fans. Mom loved Prost, Alesi (understandably, as she was a French teacher) and Schumacher, dad loved Clark, Fittipaldi, Stewart, Mansell (especially him) and Hakkinen, while most of my other relatives gravitated between a whole slew of drivers.



    When someone would tie certain drivers; such as when you tied Alonso and Vettel at #1, I simply gave both of them 25 points. When someone tied Button and Raikkonen for #4, I gave both of them 12 points. I believe that’s why my results are slightly different from Magon’s.

    Anyway, I believe Alonso is leading this thread so far because not even his biggest haters can deny that he can extract the absolute maximum out of any car he is given. His win at Malaysia earlier this year was the ultimate example of his ability as a driver. That was easily one of the best wins I’ve seen along with Spain 1996 and Japan 2005. That’s what puts him leagues above “good” drivers who need fast cars; such as Button, Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, or current Hamilton. I still believe Lewis in 2007 was better than he ever was.


    @Kingshark – I thought it was general consensus by now that Malaysia was a fluke? Easily as much of a fluke as Vettel’s win in 2008 (which you seem to disregard). Talent alone will never be enough to bring you THAT sort of result with a car that bad. If it was, then we’d be seeing Alonso on the podium much more often.

    Remember, Ferrari had a much better car last year, yet it took an EBD ban for Alonso to win. And that was his only win of the season.

    And yes, luck DOES exist in F1. 2010 is a perfect example of that. Who do you think profited the most that year? Hint: it wasn’t Vettel. It wasn’t even Webber.

    (Mind you, I AM an Alonso fan, but the Malaysia win being a fluke is what settled my mental face-off between him and Vettel. Not only that, but I also feel that people give him WAY too much credit for his post-championship years. And I’ve watched every race from 2007 to 2012 more than once.)


    I actually started following F1 when seeing it on TV by accident. It was the 98 Aussie GP, both McLarens lapped all other cars. Pretty boring race in retrospect, but I found it fantastic.

    My dad is a huge motocross fan, probably because Belgians are way more successful at it :D. I went to many GPs, like Namur and Valkenswaard, regularly since I was 3 or 4.


    What a typical steriotype in F1. Simply because it rained, does that make his win a fluke? The Ferrari was probably the sixth best car that race weekend. Rain is a car equalizer.
    Mind you, I am not an Alonso fan myself; but there’s absolutely no one on the current grid that has had a victory anywhere near as great as his in Malaysia, apart from maybe Button in Canada 11 and Raikkonen in Japan 05.
    Alonso wasn’t nessecary lucky in 2010. His spin with Button in Australia was a racing incident imo, Engine blowout in Malaysia, his penalty came at the worse possible time in Silverstone, the safety car drama in Europe, Ferrari were a dog in Turkey, Barrichello crashing into him at Belgium. And again, you are ignoring that Ferrari had the third best car that season.
    Red Bull was easily the best car in 2011 – Not only that, but it had perfect reliability. Alonso nearly beat Webber in a car much slower and worse in general that year. Even at Silverstone, I feel RBR were the quickest package overall. I too have watched just about every race from 2007-2012. I garuntee you, if he stayed with Mclaren after 2007, he would be a 4-time champion by now.

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