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    Ever since 2002, my favorite team has been Ferrari bar to none. I hate Mclaren, I always have, and I always will.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Rosberg. I followed him since his GP2 days, and I absolutely loved his debut at Bahrain 2006. Been a fan ever since.

    Alianora La Canta

    When I started watching F1 back in 1993, I supported Damon Hill. I don’t know what made me start supporting him (though I think the fact I could pronounce his name might have had something to do with it), but I grew to like his mature attitude, thoughtful approach and smooth driving.

    I’ve supported every British driver to some extent or other over the years, though in Eddie Irvine’s case I stopped supporting him after he made one too many foolish remarks about his competitors. At the moment I’m supporting Paul di Resta, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

    For nearly 18 months following Damon’s retirement, I supported the British drivers on the grid (and my team, mentioned later) but none of the drivers gave me the same strong emotional vibes that come from supporting a particular favourite… …and then I started supporting Giancarlo Fisichella. I found the way he was fighting through the difficulties presented by the (pretty useless at the time) Benetton, and an interview I read about him shortly before Monaco 2001 said a lot of nice things about what he was like as a person. Much like Damon Hill, I found more reasons to support him the longer I did so.

    My favourite team has a much shorter answer: Jordan/Midland/Spyker/Force India. Spain 1998, lap 55. I’d been paying attention to the yellow cars ever since Damon Hill went there, but it hadn’t been a good race for him; he’d been hovering around the midfield before his engine broke 10 laps prior. Suddenly I found myself saying “Come on Ralf!” Followed by the thought, “Um, who is he? Apart from being Damon’s team-mate?” After some consideration, I worked out that I’d started supporting Jordan and my heart had forgotten to inform my brain of current developments. EJ’s antics were endearing, the wild independence, determination to make the best of every circumstance and team-wide passion had made me a fan. Even after EJ left, the core of the team remained and the replacement regime failed to kill off the essence of the team (however thick an analytical coldness appeared to have been imposed at the time). Things looked up when Spyker bought the Silverstone squad and since then it’s been pretty smooth sailing.


    My favourite driver is Kimi Raikkonen (rather pleased he is back). I also like Webber, Button, Heikki and Lewis when he’s switched on (most exciting driver to watch bar none.) Growing up I was a fan of Damon Hill and Mika Hakkinen as I didn’t, and still don’t like Michael Schumacher.

    Naturally my favourite teams are therefore Williams and Mclaren, and I’ve always liked Sauber too. I really don’t like Ferrari, and also Red Bull although this is mainly because I think Christian Horner is a right smug so and so.


    Exactly @keithcollantine, i want to see everyone perform well. I like to be supprised by the likes of Narain doing suprisingly (or not suprisingly to some) well in India as well as a superb Canada from Jenson Button or Vettel going about his job in excellence.


    @BasCB but I thought you didn’t really like Massa? :P


    @Steph Well, @BasCB obviously decided that he could afford to allocate 3.125% of his support to Felipe. I currently have allocated around 80% of my support to Heikki, di Resta gets some 15% and around 5% are distributed among the other drivers.


    Ah, @steph, its not about liking him for me. Its about hoping to see him get that special podium (sadly it would be special for him to get it in the first few races of the year) and a special win in.

    You are right about how I felt about some of his behaviour this year, seeming not to want to see its not just Hamilton who keeps running into him. And I never really had that feeling he is really the best driver. But I did like to see him in Germany 2010, right until he did hear that Alonso apparently was deemed to be faster than him, and it would have been a real treat to see him win. And the way he upheald himself in Brazil 2008 stays out in the history of the sport forever.


    I started watching F1 at a very young age in about 1989 and became a Senna supporter after the very first race I watched – even from one race he just seemed more exciting than any of the other drivers.

    I hated Prost, he seemed to have a holier-than-thou attitude but was really manipulative behind the scenes, swapping cars with Mansell without him knowing and blocking Senna from joining Williams.
    Then in public he would pretend to be a good sport and a gentleman.

    After Senna died I started supporting Schumacher and have done so ever since.
    I still remember the first time I saw Schumi race, I knew right away that he would be the next best thing.

    I had the same feeling with Raikkonen, he amazed me at Sauber and I thought he would be the guy to take over the mantle from Schumi one day and be the one I support.
    I have to say he let me down a lot, I don’t think he’s lived up to a tenth of his potential.
    I’m glad he’s back though and he’ll be 2nd on my list.

    Although Vettel seems like a very likeable chap, I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to support him, I think it’s because I don’t like the team he races for and so I often find myself cheering on Alonso, Hamilton, Button or anyone who’s in a position to beat him.

    It seems a bit strange because Hamilton seems like quite a prick and I don’t like his attitude, the way he talks like a schoolboy and how he seems to show no respect towards other drivers, (including Schumacher, who’s achieved far more than him) whereas I do like Vettel yet I often find myself cheering for Hamilton over Vettel.

    I think it also has something to do with me ignoring everything personal about a driver and just focusing on their skill and at this point (and perhaps until Vettel has proved himself in a car that isn’t dominant) I feel that Hamilton is an incredible talent and more skilled than Vettel.

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