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    Nelson Piquet Senior was the first F1 driver that I was a fan of. I remained a fan until he retired. Ayrton Senna was another, perhaps the greatest ever. It was amazing watching him drive especially in the wet. Jean Alesi the mercurial French Sicillian, I will never forget his win at Hockenheim in 1995. Michael Schumacher at Ferrari and now.

    Ferrari is my favourite team. Nothing is better than an Italian Grand Prix won by a red car.
    Who are your favourite drivers and teams and why?


    I thought Alesi won at Canada?

    I’ve always had the same favourite team while drivers have come and gone. I adore Ferrari. I’m one of those annoying fans who could splutter on endlessly about their passion and flamboyance but at the end of the day, they’re just the team for me. It has nothing to do with the fact that they’ve won so much in the past as I didn’t watch F1 much during that period.

    Drivers- my first true favourite was Massa. It should have been Alesi but I dipped in and out of F1 too much during that period. I love Alonso just as much too. The big fairytale story for me in F1 was always Gilles though. Forget Senna or Clark or Mansell; it’s Gilles that gives me goosebumps.



    Also, Perez, Webber & Sauber FTW.

    Ferrari are my least favourite team, bar none.


    oooh that face! I love it!


    @steph You are quite right it was Canada and it was his 31st birthday too.


    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Nick Heidfeld
    Fernando Alonso


    a challenger to whoever is dominating!

    ross bell

    not watched f1 that long, about 6 years, but im only 15, so when i first started watching i immediatly loved kimi, fast forward abit i like heikki kovalainen, jaime alguersuari, lewis and JB. favourite team is mclaren but i like chaterham too because heikki is there.


    Heikki Kovalainen favourite driver – compared to Hamilton he did not look great but I feel that Hamilton was far favoured and had the better car, in my opinion it was too early for Heikki to go to McLaren as he was not matured in F1, now he has destroyed Trulli, he has proven that he can be a strong driver in a slow car and devlop it, what would be a good game plan now would be to work his way back up the grid each year so the Hamilton problems do not arise again, maybe Williams –> Sauber –> Force India –> Lotus (Renault), a gradual rise but a flowing one. We may see Heikki score points in a few years as he has said that if Caterham do not devlop next year he will look elsewhere as they could have potentially was 3 years of his carer. Favourite teams Renault + Ferrari, 88% consistent, produce fast cars normally that look great!


    Favorite team: McLaren. Bar none. I’ve been following Vettel’s career since his domination of Formula BMW, and now he is my favorite drive, as he has been since the start of 2008. I’ve been watching F1 since 1997 (I haven’t missed a single F1 session; be it Free Practice; Qualifying, OR the race, since the first race weekend of 1997) and before Vettel in 2008; I basically liked whoever was the “number 1” at McLaren. i.e. Hakkinen first; until Raikkonen came along. Then Lewis in 2007. (I gravitated to Lewis rather than Fernando – go figure)


    Alonso is my favourite driver because he’s simply awesome :). Other favourites include Rosberg, Kobayashi and Perez. I like most drivers, but Alonso, Rosberg and the Sauber drivers are the ones I look out for the most. However I not to fond of Webber, Petrov, Sutil, Di Resta or Senna. My past favourites include Fisichella, Heidfeld, Montoya, Ralf, Sato and Coulthard.

    My favourite team is Sauber because they have two of my favourite drivers. In the past I liked Renault, but after the team changed in 2010, I haven’t supported them since. The team’s treatment of Heidfeld last year I thought was appaling. I also don’t like Toro Rosso anymore since it came out that they are not in Formula One to win, but to just support Red Bull.


    From 1991 to 2006 it was Michael Schumacher, with Frentzen as a close second.

    From 2008 on, it was Seb Vettel. I generally support the german drivers, but i like Webber and Massa, too (not their driving, but personality). I root for Seb x Lewis for years to come, like the brit too.

    Favorite team is probably Sauber, followed by Toro Rosso and Mercedes.


    Was always Button. I started watching in 04, when he was having some success, and followed F1 fully from 05. I’m patriotic with my support, so Button (and BAR because of him) was the obvious choice. Coulthard was dull. Also, Button was bit of an underdog, even when he finally got the first win. In 05 I also found myself supporting Kimi and McLaren, as he just seemed so much more exciting than Alonso. I’ve followed McLaren since, and always liked Kimi, though haven’t gotten massively behind him since.

    When Hamilton started I wasn’t sure cos I didn’t think Button should so readily be forgotten after a fairly strong 2nd half of 06, but he impressed me, especially by Canada. My support is now split between them- it helped having someone to cheer at the front while Button was in the awful Honda’s. Not sure who I support more. Button’s the nicer guy, and I think his championship was great and fully deserved, but much though I love him I think it’s clear Hamilton has more potential, even if I don’t care for his personality as much.

    I also like Senna, probably mostly because of the name, and that he rejoined motorsport quite late and still did fairly well getting up to speed. I like Perez for some reason too, and di Resta.


    Mika Häkkinen is my all-time favourite F1 driver. As well as being incredibly quick and a double world champion, he was also a really likeable guy. He’s not the most talkative, admittedly, but he’s not too bad for a Finn, and he has a sharp sense of humour.

    I tend to support all British and Finnish F1 drivers, so at the moment I’ve got Button, Hamilton, di Resta, Räikkönen and Kovalainen to cheer for. I also like Nico Rosberg, son of Finland’s first F1 champion as he is.

    Other than that, I also had a soft spot for Jean Alesi for some reason. I think he was quite unlucky in his career, but showed his enormous talent in a handful of races, particularly wet ones. Robert Kubica is another driver I have always liked and supported. And although Ayrton Senna died before I started watching F1, I find his story and his achievements just incredible, and I think it’s fair to say he was the most naturally talented driver the sport has ever seen. I was moved to tears at the end of the Senna documentary, even though I knew how it was going to end.


    I’m not a great one for success necessarily, I tend to support drivers who look quick, look like they’re trying hard or are fighters. Jean Alesi or Kamui Kobayashi, for example. That siad, I usually support teams more than drivers, as they stick around for longer.

    Favourite team is probably Sauber. I like how they battle on against the odds, producing the odd great car (2001), which is balanced by the odd shocker (2010, although it got better). I also like how they’ve given drivers a chance, like Massa, Raikkonen, Frentzen and Kobayashi, who might not have got a break otherwise. Plus they run a white car which, in my legendary fashion sense, is cool!

    I also liked Minardi because they lasted for so long in the most impossible conditions. Kudos to Giancarlo Minardi and Paul Stoddart for that.


    When I started watching F1 in 1998, I supported Michael Schumacher, since he was the one usually challenging the grey Mclarens in his Ferrari. I still support him now, but my equal favourite driver now is Sebastian Vettel, who appeared a fast and exciting prospect since his debut in 2007, and I was delighted when he won in Monza the following year.

    My favourite teams are Ferrari and Mercedes. Both because of Schumacher, though I’m not as fond of Alonso at Ferrari as I was with Schumacher, Raikkonen and Massa.

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