Ferrari F138 Launch Thread

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    Ryan Williams

    Ferrari have just announced the name of their 2013 F1 car, the F138. This is taken from the year (2013) and the number of cylinders (8) to mark the final year that F1 uses V8 engines.

    Ferrari name their 2013 F1 car the F138

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    Ferrari 2013 V8

    I like that.


    Yeah Ferrari have a bit of a history with doing that with there car numbering, it does initially look a bit of a mess but I like the way they number their cars to denote a change/last in engine spec.

    1994 – 412T1 – 3.5 v12
    1995 – 412T2 – 3.0 V12 – Downgraded spec of the above
    1996 – F310 – 3.0 V10
    1997 – F310B – 3.0 V10
    1998 – F300 – 3.0 V10
    1999 – F399 – 3.0 V10
    2000 – F1 2000 – 3.0 V10
    2001 – F2001 – 3.0 V10
    2002 – F2001 – 3.0 V10
    and so on
    2006 – 248-F1 – 2.4 V8
    2007 – F2007 – 2.4 V8
    and so on



    Well, I can’t believe it, but it looks like the F138 may have a lot of black (or raw carbon fiber) on it. Kind of like the picture that was done by Jeremy Hancox for F1F earlier. Only problem is that I have no idea what part of the car that is. I thought at first it was the FW end plate, but now I think its the nose and FW Pylons. Maybe finally a little more black (and hoping yellow) will show up on this years car. The Ferrari wasn’t pretty last year, but a good paint job would’ve made a huge difference.

    For a perfect livery, see here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/4-Ferrari-F2012-Livery.jpg

    Felipe Bomeny

    On the subject of Ferrari, they’ve just inked a sponsorship deal with Weichai Power, a Chinese firm specializing in heavy industries.

    I really like the Jeremy Hancox livery; as Keith mentioned, the Shell branding really complements the Pirellis.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Only problem is that I have no idea what part of the car that is.

    It looks like it’s part of the front wing assembly, connecting the wing to the nose. So it could be very similar to the Hancox livery, but with a white stripe separateing the red from the carbon fibre. And some white on the front wing as well.


    holy cow this,!

    my favorite favorite favorite ferrari paint jobs were around this era:
    Ferrari F1 1988



    Doesn’t look like a stepped nose to me


    As the car’s now launched I’ll close this thread:

    Ferrari F138 launch – first pictures and video

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