Ferrari subliminal advertising

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    Couldn’t help but notice their new look teamwear looking very reminiscent of the Marlboro sponsored overalls from years ago, who do they think they are kidding!! It’s creeping towards the more obvious again after all that uproar about the barcode design a few years ago, they seem to be pushing their luck and seeing what they can get away with.


    Alex green

    nothing like them,but peoples obsession with knocking ferrari is always amusing


    i’m not obsessed with knocking Ferrari, just noticed the white pointed band around the stomach area looks very similar to the old Marlboro logo, it can’t just be coincidence


    Nice work Ferrari. Their take on innovations in F1. Marlboro is still their sponsor until 2014, based on the information widely reported in early 2011.
    And no, I am not obsessed with knocking Ferrari, I am a Tifosi myself, I just dont like cigarettes.

    Force Maikel

    I’m still bying one of their jackets ;-) Let me tell you something; they might be fast on track but not when it comes to delivering teamwear! 3 weeks overdue already —> Not happy about it :-(


    Yeah it does kind of resemble the Marlboro logo but I never saw what the big deal about cigarette advertising was. Are people really that stupid that if they see a cigarette brand on an F1 car they instantly want to take up smoking?

    Besides, the cars were a lot more colourful when there was tobacco sponsorship :P

    (note: I don’t smoke, I don’t care if other people smoke as long as its not around me and I certainly don’t judge people based on if they smoke or not)


    Good on them. I’m neither a smoker or a Ferrari fan, but I’ve always found the tobacco advertising ban a bit stupid. Just because I see a billboard or a car with tobacco products/brands on it I don’t suddenly feel the urge to by a cigarette. I don’t smoke, and seeing an advert for it isn’t going to change my mind.

    If that was how it actually worked I’d be running to feminine hygiene isle every time I saw a tampon commercial.

    R.J. O’Connell

    As much of a fan as I am of the Rothmans Williams, JPS Lotus, West McLarens, B&H Jordans, and the Mild Seven Renaults – F1 is better off weaning itself away from the cigarette money like it has been for the last decade…

    Fer no.65

    Even if there’s people stupid enough to follow advertising and buy whatever comes across them (and there’s a lot of people… we just don’t realize, but we do it, that’s why marketing and publicity is so strong… or do you really think Red Bull has a team EVERYWHERE just to get those stupid people? or maybe it’s because we’re all stupid…), banning tobacco advertisement is a good thing, in my opinion.

    Ferrari pushing the boundaries and trying to make their car look more like a Marlboro is amusing though. But if they are doing it, if Marlboro is still putting money on the team even if the car doesn’t show its name, then there must be a benefit, and it shouldn’t be allowed.


    I don’t really have an opinion on this one way or the other, but what I will say is… this year’s shirt design is awful. Could’ve been much classier IMO.


    Sponsorship increases sales, there’s solid data, that’s why Philip Morris spend the money and why the EU banned it. Obviously not every individual rushes out for a packet of fags after watching an F1 race lol. But overall young people are especially susceptible as you’d expect.

    Ferrari only get away with it because the EU ban is enforced by national governments and so it’s Italy and Ferrari…

    Unethical towards fans and and quite unfair IMO – a major source of funding unavailable to other teams.


    Is JPS still up and running and making cigarettes? I’ve always wondered if they secretly pay Lotus for using the livery on their car…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yes, they do, but they’re a tiny company selling in Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


    Well they haven’t yet appeared in a race like that, so we just have to wait and see what are they going to do. However, who wouldn’t like to see Marlboro Ferrari or McLaren. We do see Lotus …


    “Sponsorship increases sales”

    Maybe so, but that is more to do with brand awareness/loyalty than converting non-smokers to smokers!

    More twisted statistics from the anti-tobacco lobbyists

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