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    So Keith wrote an article recently asking us to predict this years winners in the comments, blatantly biased and ungrounded speculation was made and a good time was had by all. So continuing that trend coz it’s fun make here whatever predictions for the rest of the season you want, be it the full championship standings, who’ll win at Intergalos, an whether Abu Dhabi will be crap.

    I’ll get the ball rolling with a blatantly biased and speculative drivers standings, won’t be giving points though.

    1 Lewis Hamilton

    2 Mark Webber

    3 Fernando Alonso

    4 Jenson Button

    5 Sebastien Vettle

    6 Robert Kubica

    7 Nico Rosberg

    8 Felipe Massa

    9 Michael Schumacher

    10 Adrian Sutil

    11 Vitaly Petrov

    12 Rubens Barichello

    13 Vitantonio Liuzzi

    14 Sebastien Buemi

    15 Kamui Kobayashi

    16 Nico Hulkenburg

    17 Jaime Alguersuari

    18 Heikki Kovalinen

    19 Pedro De La Rosa

    20 Timo Glock

    21 Jarno Trulli

    22 Lucas Di Grassi

    23 Bruno Senna

    24 Karun Chandock

    And while it’s possible to cry bias I’m calling Intergalos for McLaren, BECAUSE the F-Duct will be incredbily useful on those two long straights, especially on that up hill one were all round reduced hp means drag reduction is ever more vital.

    By that time McLaren should have sorted it’s exhaust system an so they shouldn’t fare to badly on the infeild section either were the corners arn’t exactly fast.

    An Abu Dhabi will probably be crap, unless the drivers is still on and there’s enough support races.


    Most teams will have the F-duct by then and they may not be as good as Mclaren but their advantage will be cut.

    Massa won’t be that far down, if Ferrari improve he should win Brazil…hopefully.

    I feel Alo could do it still esp with this upgrade but that Ham and Mark are clear favourites. So Mark to win because 1/ noone would expect 2/it’s not meant to happen and 3/ he’d be a new champion but if Alo or Mas don’t win then I really don’t care. Button could come into play at any time too.

    Karun to beat Bruno.

    Heikki will beta Jarno but their qualifying will remain a close battle.

    Pedro I think will beat Kobay.

    Schumi to eventually beat Ros or get very close to his points at least.


    I think the championship will go:

    1 Jenson Button

    2 Lewis Hamilton

    3 Mark Webber

    4 Fernando Alonso

    5 Sebastien Vettel

    6 Robert Kubica

    Mclaren will clinch the constructors title with 3 races to go. Button to win at the penultimate race like last year.

    Maybe a suprise Kubica victory, possibly at Singapore.


    Vettel puts the car in the wall at Valencia and Red Bull finaly come to there senses and put all their energy behind Webber to win the championship.


    I think that most teams will stop developing their F-Duct/J-Switch/RW-80 as it is not producing good returns on investment.

    I also preduct a mid-season spurt by Vettel before his title challenge peters out.

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