Guess the 2018 Grid

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    Lucas Wilson


    HRT are not racing anymore :-)


    Based on his recent tests in FR 2.0 and Formula 3, I’d say it’s likely that Max Verstappen will drive in F1 at some point. Maybe 2018 is too soon.


    I know,
    but the jokes aren’t :)


    2018 grid…interesting!OK I’ll have a go.

    1.Hulkenberg-Won two races in 2016 when he joined the Marlboro squad.He’ll be hoping for a more productive season this time…
    2.Bianchi-Joined alongside Hulk in 2016 (Alonso went to Mclaren before retiring in 2017)and finished 3rd overall,then 4th in 2017.Hopefully he can produce better results this time around.
    3.Hamilton-won the 2015 title and has stayed on the Mercedes team
    4. Rosberg-Won the 2017 title (sadly for Alonso)and stays at Merc for another year.
    5.Vandoorne-replaces the retired Alonso(who replaced the retired Button)and hopes for some succes.
    6.Magnussen-deserves his seat on merit, 2 wins in 2015, 5 in 2016 and about 2 in 2017.
    7.Massa-remains at the team he and valterri bought back to life in 2014 and 2015.
    8.Nasr-won his debut race for this team in 2016 and has 12 podiums since then.
    Red Bull
    9.Raikkonen-replaced Seb and nearly won the 2017 title
    10.Da Costa-After 2 promising years at Toro Rosso he is given this amazing chance.Poor Dan…
    Marussia-have become a strong mid-field team since 2016
    11.Valsecchi-got the teams best result of 4th at Sepang in 2017 and got them to 6th in the championship alongside Kamui
    12.Razia-Replaced Kobayashi in 2017 and got a best result of 7th in 2017.
    13.Grosjean-with nowhere else to go he is stuck at Enstone.
    14.Vergne-Replaced Maldonado in 2016 after Toro Rosso gave him the boot.
    Force India
    15.Gutierrez-With no other options Esteban is stusk at FI
    16.Bottas-Same reason as Guterrez
    17.Petrov-the team is now reliant on Russian money
    18.Sirotkin-Same reason as Petrov
    Toro Rosso
    19.Kvyat-Memories of a 2nd at Brazil 2016 keep him here.
    20.Sainz Jr.-His second season at Toro Rosso
    Caterham-moved up the grid in 2016 and 2015 but a disatrous 2017 puts them at the back of the grid again
    21.Kobayashi-He returns to the team after three years at Marussia.
    22.Perez-After the 2017 mishaps Caterham sign Perez in a bid for improvement.
    The Vettel Incident
    At the end of 2016 Vettel attempted to get a contract at Ferrari only to find out that they had signed Hulk and Bianchi already.While he was gone Red Bull signed Kimi to replace him and left poor Seb without a drive…


    2018 is actually quite hard to predict!2015 or 2016 are a little easier but hey, I guess no prediction is easy!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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