Hamilton wants to use his number 44 instead of 1 next year

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    Theo Parkinson

    Do you guys think he will be allowed to?

    Bradley Downton

    Yes, but I hope not.

    It annoys me when the Champ doesn’t use number 1.

    I can see why Lewis wants to keep 44, but why not run both on the car? Officially as 1 (because he’s champ) but have 44 on the car too (as Andrew Jordan did this year in the BTCC)


    Of course. Why wouldn’t he?

    Theo Parkinson

    @hunocsi Mercedes might want their car to have a number one on it.


    Why would Lewis not want to have number 1 on his car? Seems a strange decision to me.

    Force Maikel

    The champ is allowed to use his own number if he wishes so, never thought anyone would not elect to run the #1.

    Mercedes might not agree though and request him to use the #1, for the PR of course.


    Where did you read that?

    Lewis maybe wants to build the #Team44 #LH44 branding he tweets a lot with?

    But I guess Mercedes will be quite keen to get #1 on their car after spending so much money, it would be good for marketing.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult to sort it out between them, they are world champions and that is the main thing to them afterall.


    There are precedents in MotoGP, Valentino Rossi has won 9 world titles and only ever raced with number 46. He used to put number 1 on his leathers. Marquez used 93 this season as defending champion as well.

    R.J. O’Connell

    Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti multiple times in IndyCar.


    @calum When Sky interviewd Lewis he said it, that he’d like to keep the number 44 as it’s been the number he has always used throughout is career.

    Nic Morley

    I find it a little strange he doesn’t want to use number 1, especially as you don’t get too many chances to do so in your career! It’s his decision though and will be the first time since I think 1996 there will be no number 1 on the grid?


    @robocat ’94

    Craig Woollard

    Last time since ’94 yes. Alain Prost retired the previous season so Damon Hill ran with the number 0.

    If Hamilton wants to use both numbers in a way, he could do it in the style that Ryan Hunter-Reay used it in IndyCar, using the numbers 1 and 28 simultaneously.


    If this actually goes ahead, it is a bloody disgrace. Lewis Hamilton is shaming the very sport if he does that. You don’t want to carry #1? Then don’t become world champion, for crying out loud. He would wash away years of tradition to be a special snowflake. You’d think becoming immortal in the eyes of the world would be worth having a number you don’t quite as much like as your current one, but noooo. Gotta have his cake and eat it.

    Lord, if I wouldn’t dislike Hamilton already, this would seal the deal.


    Number 22 brought him his first title, and 44 brought him a second.

    The choice should’ve been between 66 and 88, not 44 and 1!

    @klon What would be wrong with that?

    Debating which version of Genesis was better would matter more than whether the number 1 should be forced onto a driver and even if we do that it’d still be a waste of time.

    Besides, was spraying a champagne a disgrace to the sport (of European motor racing) by an American and if he didn’t want to drink it should Dan Gurney have avoided the podium-earning positions?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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