Is GP2 better than F1?

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    So far this season. F1 has disappointed badly with only good races in Hungary and Malaysia. If you want to see those races on a regular basis watch gp2.The cars are slower but there are overtakes in the most unusual of places and loads of carnage


    loads of carnage

    Yeah,… Some people don’t watch motorsport for the crashes so that really isn’t a good reason. All it might indicate is that the quality of drivers is lower.

    To answer your question I have been enjoying GP2 a lot this season and the racing has been great but three good GP2 weekends for me don’t weigh up against one good F1 race.

    Caroline Geddes

    I have to say I enjoy F1 a lot. I don’t watch other series as often as I do F1, and when I do I don’t enjoy them as much. Some of that is down to the quality of the commentating and overall coverage. It depresses me when so many people are so negative about F1. There are problems of course, and there are changes that could be made to improve the spectacle, but people are not obliged to watch. If it was as awful as people suggest no-one would watch and the series would either disappear due to lack of support or evolve.


    Well said caroline geddes,it’s f1 for me as well,it has problems, like everything, but nowhere near as many as some make out. GP2 is good to but it’s ultimately a feeder series.

    There are plenty of other good series of course,including gp2, but F1 is the pinnacle, we’ve had good races at monaco, Silverstone, Hungary and Singapore already and even the races with less action are enjoyable to watch.


    Yeh, I actually agree with you. F1 is the best motor racing series in the world. I enjoy watching the strategy panning out and how my favourite driver does. I don’t understand why people want more durable tyres. All options involving strategies are out of the window and it would just be aprocession


    Ask Alonso:-)

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