Istanbul Park to return?

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    Force Maikel

    According to the owner of the track he has reached an agreement with Bernie to bring it back. Reddit page with translated post from the orignal Turkish article.


    Turn eight… the idea alone to see that great wonder back on the kalender warms my heart.


    They’ll need to find some fans from somewhere though


    Wasn’t it set to become a car dealership?


    As much as I love this track and would want it to return it is going to run into attendance issues again.

    If only an oil rich nation would just build a replica…might get it back on the calendar quicker.


    Its a nice track so dont expect it back… the trend is to lose or at least threaten the good tracks.


    I love the Istanbul Park circuit, probably my favourite of the Tilke tracks, but realistically I accept the Turkish Grand Prix isn’t likely to be a success event in the current era.

    , I agree with your suggestion about building a replica, but build it in France! With that circuit the French GP would be a certainty to return to the calendar, although come to think of it, a replica in Germany instead would solve a few problems too. Not going to happen of course…

    Force Maikel

    @jw14b That would be a great idea but I think Germany AND France have enough racetracks. I don’t think you can actually built a new one in Europe with all these environmental issues going around.

    France has: Magny-Cours, Paul Riccard and Circuit de la Sarthe (Bugatti). So plenty of choice really to host the event. The biggest issue is the French Goverment who won’t spend a single dime on it.


    Sorry I can’t stand this track. Another dreary Tilke-drome in the middle of the desert, in a nation with no racing culture at all and even fewer fans.

    Force Maikel

    @junior-pilot I don’t wish to stomp you but please get your facts right before posting such comments.

    While I’m not a fan of Turkey as a nation by any means. Istanbul is not in the middle of a desert like the Bahrain track for instance. Istanbul is a beautiful city that links Europe with Asia. In fact in the entire country there is not desert!

    As for the track I do think this is one of his better efforts alongside Malaysia. Turn eight is a masterpiece and I would gladly sacrifice Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and the new Azerbaijan street circuit to get it back on the calendar.

    I do agree that this is probably the owner trying to put the track in the spotlight. Attendance will undoubtedly be low like it was back in the old days and with hardly any racing culture the Turks will not suddenly start loving F1.


    Yeah, with Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Baku in the calendar, adding Istanbul Park would be overkill.
    Dropping Bahrain for Turkey is viable but not if it’s an addition.

    Steven Smith

    They’ll need to improve the roads too. It was like a flashback to the Silverstone traffic of the 1980’s when I went there.


    Personally I’ve never quite understood the rave about this circuit. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t as spectacular as everyone makes out in my opinion. Turn one, two, and eight stand out, but beyond that it’s just a series of average corners. It has a nice flow, but nothing extra special. The last three turns are easily one of the most dire corner complexes ever designed.

    Nevertheless I would love to see this back, just like any other decent circuit. I just don’t see what makes this one so incredibly special.

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