Least straights on a track.

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    I was thinking about how we have so many similar tracks now with a long straight and it made me wonder which grand prix has/had the least straights.

    Has there ever been a track with no decent straights. Monacco is the obvious candidate but I wondered if anyone can think of a race with less straight sections, especially not on a street circuit?


    Caesars Palace (Las Vegas) is my guess for F1-track with least straights.


    Sonoma Raceway was an obvious candidate before the main straight was narrowed. You certainly haven’t had much time during the lap when your steering wheel hasn’t had some steering lock on. You barely have any even nowadays.


    Those are good ones, a track like sonama would be interesting to see now.

    Caesars palace is the sort of track I was thinking of with a lot of 90 degree corners and short straights.

    mark adams

    Suzuka has very few straights the only long straight is the start/finish straight , other are realy fast corners, this is also the reason that it only has 1 drs zone


    Mosport Park (or Canadian Tyre Motorsport Park as it’s officially known as) doesn’t really have any proper straights apart from the short start/finish straight, although that depends on whether you consider the slightly curved Mario Andretti backstretch as an actual straight.

    Additionally the 1.5-mile Lime Rock Park is mostly made up of curves and a short start/finish straight. Now there’s a track I’d love to see F1 race on…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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