My top five F1 drivers of all time

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    Loup Garou

    Ben said
    3. Vettel – I really want to see this kid in an uncompetitive car.

    You have. 2008 Toro Rosso among the Ferraris, McLarens etc of its day. He won a race too.



    ** – One word: Honda.
    *** – I am of the firm belief that Vettel is the fastest driver to have ever graced this sport.

    Now that’s a double standard, don’t you think? Crediting Honda’s superior power for Senna’s success is like crediting Renault superior drivability and traction for Vettel’s success. Though ironically enough, Renault had a better engine than Honda in 1991.


    @loup-garou – Ben probably means “again”, for entertainment purposes. It’s not about having to “prove” anything (he even ranked SV as the 3rd best of all time), it’s about a fan’s fantasies being fulfilled for longer.


    1) Schumacher
    2) Vettel
    3) Raikkonen
    4) Massa
    5) Bottas

    1) Schumacher
    2) Clark
    3) Prost
    4) Senna
    5) Fangio


    @loup-garou @David-A – Yes, to be clear I think Vettel is a class act, otherwise I wouldn’t have rated him so highly. Also very aware of his time at STR.

    What I should have said, I’d like to see him go through a similar transition as MSC. Remember those early seasons at Ferrari, for me they demonstrated how good he was. The car wasn’t the best but dragged it kicking across the finish line while building the foundations for future success. This may be with Red Bull, or another team, I really don’t care.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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