Pass of the year – 2012 United States Grand Prix

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    Kimi on whatsisname on the exit of T1.

    Or Perez on Williams – because no one understood yet that that was a very viable overtaking spot.


    Raikkonen on Hulkenberg in turn 2 was very good.


    Maldonado on Senna. Pastor gets a lot of hate but I love watching him race the ruthless way he does. He’d make a great pantomime villain after Alonso retires.


    My vote goes to Button on Raikkonen on lap 46.


    Räikkönen on Hülkenberg


    Button on Raikkonen! Raikkonen on Hulkenberg was second best probably.


    Maldonado on Senna – cheeky!


    Raikkonen on Hulkenburg

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Pretty much any pass that took place in the double Hockenheim switchback. It looked like such an awkward, rhythmless section of circuit, but it produced a lot of passing. I think the secret is the little kink between the hairpins, which allowed the drivers the chance to move around a bit and pick their line into the second corner without compromising their track position.

    Gabriel Ca?â??as

    Hamilton on Vettel for 1st place…


    I was just watching a video of Button shaking Raikkonen’s hand and thanking him for giving him room.

    I think from a tactical perspective Hamilton regaining second was bigger than the lead. I was cheering for Lewis and was afraid it would take him too long to get to second where he could start to stalk the lead, and certainly with team strategies going on all day, it seemed possible Red Bull might successfully shield Sebastian.


    Raikkonnen on Hulkenburg or Button on Raikkonnen.

    Kimi wheel to wheel has been great this season. Clean, hard, fair racing.


    Hamilton on Vettel.

    I mean Hamilton was aided by Karthikeyan of course, but I still think that was the pass which was the hardest to nail due to the minimal pace difference between the two cars. Hamilton really had to be there inch by inch for that pass – he did so the laps before, but fell juuust short. There was a lap, where he was ismilarly close, but his rear end stepped out at the most critical moment. He had to nail it perfectly. This race-long battle for the lead with a pass was one of the best in recent years, comparable to the Prost-Senna one in 1989, but with a lot less stake of course. The Maldonado-Alonso could have come close in Spain this year, but Alonso could not find that final inch.

    There were a couple of other excellent passes as well, but I think all others were somewhat easier to execute due to the higher difference between the paces of the cars.

    I also think nothing will beat Raikkonen’s pass on Schumacher for the pass of the year title. No pass required as much balls as that one. Not often are drivers in real close lethal danger nowadays, but I still think that if two cars touch at those speeds in the right-hander up the hill, they literally fly into the barriers in all sorts of shape and that could end up in the worst way possible.


    Definitely not Hamilton on Vettel. Breezing past on a straight does not constitute being a contender for best pass unless it was the only one in the race.

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