Populous and plans for the Argentine Grand Prix

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    A website I frequent featured some renderings of Populous’s plans for a future Argentine Grand Prix.

    Big aerial picture:

    Looks like it will be running counter clockwise, but the way the loop is compacted, there are a good number of right handers compared to left handers. Long run to the first corner. Some Sepang like corners. A fast final sector with fast left handers and s complexes. The track seems to have a medium-slow-fast rhythm.

    Most of the grandstands appear to give good views of multiple corners and large parts of the track. There is also a grassy knoll for spectators also like at Sepang.

    Overall I think it’s an interesting way to get a good variety of corners in what appears to be a relatively small site for an F1 track. Lacks the overused Tilke features of slow chicanes and monotonously long straights. Not sure if it will be easy to over take on it though, but definitely looks fun to drive.

    What do you think?

    Fer no.65

    I’ve been called “typical argentine” by a fellow argentina when I rubbished this idea months ago, but I just can’t help but laugh at this.

    The world is getting every single news about this racetrack, yet in Argentina theres’ nothing about it. The specialized media is keeping quiet about it, because none of them buy it… at least yet.

    Fernando Tornello, the current commentator in our coverage, a guy who’s been covering F1 races since the days of Reutemann said the other day on twitter that he “wants to see real work before drawing any conclusion”…

    I’ve seen pictures of the presentation, and all I could see was 3 bussinessmen, 2 girls, and that’s it. They keep twitting pictures labelled “start of work”, and it’s just the presentation… not a single worker doing anything round there…

    Call me whatever you like, but I seeeeeeeeriously doubt this will go ahead. America’s having trouble to get their GP, why would we succeed?


    I personally think the track looks too flat. I like some ups and downs on a circuit. Apart from that, I think that drivers will be able to get close to each other, and that is one step towards overtaking.


    It looks fantastic. Either way, but especially clockwise.

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