Radio presenters against Kimi?

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    Hi all,

    I just got back from the Hungarian GP where we streamed the radio commentary from Radio 5 Live during the race so we could keep up with what was going on.

    I just struck me that, while on the whole F1 presenters are generally impartial, this commentary seemed very negative towards Kimi Raikkonen throughout the race. I expect some country/favouritism bias from the BBC eg. regarding Hamilton and Rosberg, but this just seemed like a constant attack on Kimi – his age, his driving, his judgement, his personality, everything. During his clashes with Verstappen I must have heard that he was “past it” or he’d “forgotten how to drive” at least ten times.

    Was anyone else listening to the BBC 5 Live broadcast? If so, was this just me hearing this?

    Now, I’m not wanting to start a debate about whether or not Kimi *is* a great driver or not, but this radio reporting just struck me as massively negative towards him. Every other driver they reported both positives and negatives, with Raikkonen it was just a constant attack of negatives….

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