Raikkonen to replace Webber in 2014? No April’s fool report!

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    I don’t know who else is reporting this, but SPIEGEL Online is citing Dietrich Mateschitz as saying that Kimi is “cool and fast, so he’s always interesting” in a chat with online portal speedweek.com (http://speedweek.com/art_35366.html). Did @keithcollantine mention this in his March 30 or 31 roundup? Don’t think so.
    In any case, Kimi seems like a likely option, seeing that he has had Red Bull support before, would be perfect for the kind of image RBR looks for and is on good terms with Sebastian Vettel.
    Dietrich mentioned Webber as always being welcome to stay, if he so wishes (hinting that he might want to retire himself) and talked about Vergne and Ricciardo being the logical replacements.
    At this point, I would bet money on Kimi at RBR in 2014, even with this little April fool’s day tweet today talking about retirement at the end of the season…


    It certainly makes sense. I’m not sure, but I believe Raikkonen signed a one-year contract with Lotus in 2012, and again in 2013. Red Bull is certainly hoping for a PR boost, and what better way than to attract Raikkonen?

    If it turns out to be true, it does raise the question what the RB junior program is for…


    I don’t see Raikkonen ever going to Red Bull. There’s far too much politics involved at Red Bull. Lotus as a team suits Raikkonen perfectly, so why would he consider leaving?


    I’ve always fancied Raikkonen at Red Bull rather than Ferrari and McLaren, but I’m not so sure. If Vettel moved elsewhere, then just maybe – paired with a younger RBR bred driver.


    @andae23 Raikkonen signed a two year deal, with the second year conditional on him meeting certain performance criteria. I know him and Vettel are great mates but I too don’t see why he would leave Lotus. He genuinely seems to love it at Lotus, they give him freedom to do what he most enjoys and they’ve given him a good car as well. He also has a teammate who he should be able to beat at Lotus. The whole fallout over Malaysia with Horner, Marko etc. and the whole politics of the situation that people are still talking about two weeks later is what Raikkonen hates about F1. He made that mistake going to Ferrari where he never really fit in, Red Bull would just be the same so I would be surprised if he goes there, particularly as he is approaching the twilight of his career.


    Μaybe. Webber wants to leave, Red Bull most likely thinks that the Toro Rosso duo isn’t that good and Kimi will probably get money.


    Red Bull will have to accept they have two drivers who they have to “leave alone” as they “know what they are doing”. If they can, they’ll have the awesomest driver pairing on the grid.

    Aish Heydrich

    Kimi would rather join Marussia than politics ridden RBR.


    Poor journalism (or very good, if you see it that way) to not show the questions to those answers… how much prompting went on to get those replies? A nothing story.


    I’m with katederby on this one, may as well say DC is gonna fill in for Webber at the same time

    Prisoner Monkeys

    how much prompting went on to get those replies?

    And how much of it was Mateschitz’s own agenda?

    His team has taken a huge hit in the aftermath of the Malaysia episode, so he probably needs to get some positive press attention to counter it. Given Raikkonen’s popularity and the number of people who have tried convincing themselves that he could move to Red Bull in the past, it would have taken about two minutes to spin a story in his favour by dropping Raikkonen’s name.


    Maybe, PM but the one person at RBR who has supported Webber is Mateschitz himself. Loyalty repaid with loyalty.


    I agree that this article means nothing. In fact, I think that if RBR was genuinely trying to hire Räikkönen, DM wouldn’t be so open about the appreciation they have towards him.

    But I don’t think politics at RBR would necessarily scare Räikkönen away, if RBR offered him a contract. He’s enjoying his time at Lotus, but eventually all racing drivers want to have a competitive car – which Lotus is at the moment, but in the long run RBR, McLaren and Ferrari are more attractive teams because of their resources.

    However, I don’t think Räikkönen would be RBR’s top choice to replace Webber.


    Hmmmm……….. Kimi at Red Bull……….. I dont mind it. But I dont think he will like the politics- as stated.
    Mark will leave this year (and I hope so- the Prancing Horse or retirement- there are no other options, he wont do another year with Seb).

    I think this may pan out during the year depending on how the Lotus goes- he is a top driver and wants a top car, Lotus seem to be on the brink of that but can they deliver?? I think they can.

    Kimi & Seb being mates not a factor and maybe a “negative factor” he may not want to join his mate as he does not like to be too close to people but when he chooses too- with a mate as a team mate I dont think Kimi would like that??

    Money?? NAH! Kimi I suspect is the wealthiest driver on the grid (for maybe one year and Lewis will take over) with a great property portfolio seems to be a smarter investor than some think- money no issues there.

    Horner soft and Seb the boss at RBR? Unfortunatley yes, but no-one but Schumi or Alonso in recent years could be better at that change but Kimi could they!!?? (Bl**dy hell I am finally starting the like this fella arent I LOL!!)

    Would Kimi be quicker that Seb??? …………… I dont think quicker but a better racer………….. I think Kimi V Seb up there with Fernando V Seb…………….. ok………… and Lewis!!

    Time will tell!! Cant wait………..


    Don’t hold your breath, can’t see it ever happening.

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