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    I agree that Senna will probably leave Williams. I hope he’ll find somewhere else, but I’m sure where. Bottas will take his place alongside Maldonado.
    McLaren seems stable.
    Ferrari will likely drop Massa, barring a massive turn in fortune.
    Red Bull will keep their line-up, wanting to take more time deciding between the Toro Rosso drivers.
    Toro Rosso will stay the same.
    Lotus will stay the same.
    Sauber will lose Perez to Ferrari. Kobayashi will stay, Gutierez will come in.
    Mercedes will be Rosberg and Di Resta.
    Force India will be Hulk and Wickens.
    Caterham will remain the same.
    As will Virgin.
    HRT possibly likewise.


    People give Helmut Marko too much power or credit. He is indeed kind of a jackass. But I wouldn’t generalize it.
    Alguersuari didn’t lose his seat because of that incident. They didn’t feel he could be a future WDC. If they act as you ( @prisoner-monkeys) say, it would have been easier to sit him alongside Vettel, to be a driver number 2.
    Doubt Vergne will get that seat, either.

    Bradley Downton

    I’ve heard rumours that Kamui Kobayashi’s seat is under threat…
    and Heikki Kovalainen could replace him

    Oli Peacock

    Source? @bradley13 :)

    Bradley Downton

    to be fair… it is originally from German Auto Motor und Sport
    story I saw it on: http://www.f1zone.net/news/lotus-drivers-safe-vergne-and-kobayashi-not/14560/


    I’m not really sure what Peter Sauber says means that Kobayashi’s seat is in danger. I would think that Sauber would have directly said that Kobayashi was underperfoming, if he actually feels that way.


    AMuS has a history of being very reliable. I wouldn’t be surprised. I wasn’t impressed with Kobayashi (as a package) in 2009, and he has failed to convince me otherwise throughout 2010, 2011 or 2012 so far.

    It would be interesting though. What if we see 2013 Sauber fielding Perez and Kovalainen, and Perez gets whalloped? Would that open the frame for a Kovalainen Ferrari drive?


    I highly doubt that Perez would get beaten by Kovalainen. Perez’s career is on a huge rise, and he’s clearly a future world champion. Anyway, even if Kovalainen were to beat Perez then Ferrari would simply see it as Perez underperforming and Sergio would likely be dropped by the Ferrari Young drivers programme. Sadly, I think that there’s no chance that Heikki is getting another top drive. He had his chance at Mclaren, with what was a race winning car, but Hamilton blew him out of the water. He is Fisichella II.


    @Kingshark yes, but “I highly doubt” is hardly in any way factual. If people told you in November 2008 that Jenson Button would move to McLaren and be able to beat Lewis over a season, many people would’ve said to you, “I highly doubt that.”

    Personally I think it could happen.

    I personally rate Heikki higher than I do Webber, and in my mind it’s clear that Heikki would be one Ferrari would look out for. I doubt Heikki would work with Fernando, but I don’t doubt Ferrari would look at Heikki.

    I personally doubt, too, that Heikki would consider Sauber, nor Sauber Heikki. It’s not in Sauber’s habits to hire an “established” driver. de la Rosa was the last one, really. On the flipside I don’t think Heikki is going to accept a Sauber offer either. But it makes for a good hypothetical.


    I predict that the 2013 drivers market will have a huge shuffle within the top teams. After all, only a mere 7 drivers have a contract for next year. Those being Vettel, Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Glock and De la Rosa; technically that would only be 5, as you can never predict the newer teams.

    Red Bull:
    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Jean-Eric Vergne

    3. Jenson Button
    4. Paul di Resta

    5. Fernando Alonso
    6. Sergio Perez

    7. Nico Rosberg
    8. Lewis Hamilton (controversial I know)

    9. Kimi Raikkonen
    10. Romain Grosjean

    11. Kamui Kobayashi
    12. Esteban Gutierrez

    14. Pastor Maldonado
    15. Valtteri Bottas

    Force India:
    16. Nico Hulkenburg
    17. Robert Wickens

    Toro Rosso:
    18. Daniel Ricciardo
    19. Kevin Korjus

    20. Heikki Kovalainen
    21. Alexander Rossi

    I absolutely do not give a flying damn for Marussia or HRT.

    Also, I believe that Robert Wickens really deserves a drive in F1. And it’s not just because I’m Canadian. Look at his achievements in lower Formula leagues. Runner-up in the 2009 F2 season and 2010 GP3 season and in 2011 he became FR3.5 Champion. Mercedes, give this guy the F1 drive he deserves! It’s criminal that Senna has a drive in a decent team, and he cant get close to F1!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Okay, a bit of an out-there one given a few recent rumours:

    1 – Alonso
    2 – Vettel

    Ferrari dump Massa and pick up Vettel after Vettel is particularly impressed at the way the team turns the F2012 around when Red Bull fail to do the same for the RB8.

    Red Bull (Renault)
    3 – Webber
    4 – Vergne

    With the loss of Vettel, Red Bull are forced to keep Webber. Vergne is drafted in after he beats Ricciardo in the 2012 season standings.

    Lotus (Renault)
    5 – Grosjean
    6 – Korjus

    Raikkonen leaves after a falling-out with the team (as hinted at in Monaco). Lotus pick up Korjus from Formula Renault 3.5 as his replacement.

    McLaren (Mercedes)
    7 – Button
    8 – Perez

    McLaren cannot hold onto Hamilton, who is initially rumoured for a Red Bull seat. They take Perez after Ferrari offer their vacant seat to Vettel, making Perez a free agent.

    9 – Rosberg
    10 – Wickens

    Schumacher finally scores a win in 2012, but decides to re-retire. Unimpressed by Force India’s lineup, Mercedes take a chance on Robert Wickens.

    Sauber (Ferrari)
    11 – Kobayashi
    12 – Petrov

    Roman Abraumovich’s investment in the team paves the way for a Russian driver to join Sauber, with the money intended to build on the team’s 2012 promise.

    Williams (Renault)
    14 – Hamilton
    15 – Bottas

    Maldonado and Senna are fired after they cannot keep the car out of the walls. Sir Frank scores a coup with Hamilton, promising to let him build the team around him.

    Force India (Mercedes)
    16 – di Resta
    17 – Merhi

    After a disappointing season for the team, Hulkenberg is cut loose. Mercedes place Roberto Merhi at the team instead.

    Toro Rosso (Ferrari)
    18 – Ricciardo
    19 – Kvyat

    With Vergne moving on to Red Bull, Toro Rosso take Daniil Kvyat instead. The appointment is expected to be temporary, with many predicting Kvyat will replace Vergne in 2014.

    Caterham (Renault)
    20 – Kovalainen
    21 – Rossi

    Petrov’s departure paves the way for Alexander Rossi to join the team.

    Marussia (Cosworth)
    22 – Glock
    23 – Haryanto

    Success! Marussia finally beat HRT, but the merry-go-round of drivers in the second seat continues, with Charles Pic dumped in favour of Rio Haryanto.

    ??? (Cosworth)
    24 – Maldonado
    25 – Pic

    Pedro de la Rosa quits in disgust when HRT are banned for three races after knowingly using brakes that would not last a full race, thereby endangering their drivers. The team takes two pay drivers.


    Wow, Prisoner Monkey, your silly season is simply ridiculous; although I wouldn’t mind it. After all, it is all based upon recent rumours. A lot of drama is always good for F1!

    Maldonado and Senna are fired after they cannot keep the car out of the walls. Sir Frank scores a coup with Hamilton, promising to let him build the team around him.

    That’s a new rumour I haven’t heard of. Though I highly doubt Maldonado is getting fired by Williams. Senna? Definitely, but not Pastor. His win in Spain itself proves that he is a very capable driver; and he has unquestionable speed. It is only a matter of whether he can iron out those mistakes he still makes. Lastly, he brings $45 million of backing from Venezuela.


    I honestly don’t think there will be anywhere near that much change.
    My tips are:
    Massa gets dumped and is either replaced by Webber or Kovalainen. Don’t know who would replace Webber, it wouldn’t be one of the STR drivers. Rossi would replace Kovalainen.
    Hamilton might leave McLaren. He could go to Mercedes or Williams. diResta would replace him.
    Schumacher might retire. diResta would replace him too.
    Senna will be replaced by Bottas.
    Bianchi will replace diResta.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    That’s a new rumour I haven’t heard of.

    Oh, it’s not really based on anything other than my refusal to cater to Lewisteria by placing Hamilton at Red Bull.


    For the better of F1, my wishlist for 2013 would be:
    Robert Wickens, Valtteri Bottas, Robert Merhi, and Alexander Rossi get a drive.
    Bruno Senna and Narain Karthikeyan loose their drive.
    I also want both Schumacher and De La Rosa out, not because they are bad drivers (obviously not in Michael’s case), but rather because they are simply getting old.

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