Sky F1 HD free for UK viewers!

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    Many UK fans have been deprived of half the F1 season due to the infamous Sky/Beeb deal, however i have seriously found a solution. I have been using this perfectly legal system for watching the Australian and Malaysian GP practice sessions, qualifying and races in sublime HD!!

    1)Firstly you need to download a software called acestream (also called Torrent Stream) http://dl.torrentstream.org/products/torrentstream-full/win/latest

    2)Once you have installed the software, go to the following website http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&discipline=motorsports, you will see F1 sessions in the listings, an hour before the session begins, click on the live button any you will see 13-15 links, some will be flash etc, now to enjoy any session in HD quality, find “Bloodzeed” which is a famous stream prvider and click “Play now”; this will open up the Torrent stream player you have downloaded and after letting the stream buffer to 100%, you will have Sky F1 HD in front of your eyes without having paid a penny!!!

    Some of you will encounter constant buffering, if you do please drop me a message and i will give you a few settings you have to tweak and that should hopefully solve the issue.

    Just a bit of a tip, what i do during the Sky races is to link my latop to my HD tv using a HDMI wire and it actually feels like you have the sky f1 channel, trust me; give it a go!!!

    Obviously you cant comment on the quality just yet as you probably wont use this technique until the Bahrain GP as China is live on BBC, so just to give you a sense of what the quality is like you can test the following stream (its a russian sports channel):
    – Open your Torrent Stream player
    – Click on the “media” tab at the top
    – Then click ” Open torrent stream player”
    – Click on the “Torrent Stream” tab
    – Paste the follwing link : 93b50b10a83f4ddb429058fdd6f9170e243744f9 (the channel may be offline now) and cick play


    If this is legal, then how would you describe watching illegally? By breaking into Sky’s headquarters?


    “streaming” is 100% legal; all this is, is somebody with SKY SPORTS F1 HD,giving access to others; its like if you had the sky sports package and invited mates around to watch the F1 who didn’t have the channel; the streamer is just sharing his sky f1 channel with those that dont want to pay for it.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Which makes it illegal. The person maintaining the stream does not own the content, and so by distributing it like this, they are in violation of copyright laws, and are thus committing piracy.


    Does this actually work? I’ll probably use this at uni



    I’m sorry, I was getting into the spirit of this thread.

    Piracy, and all.


    @Charlie, i have used this to watch the two opening races, i can promise you it works!!!, those that believe its illegal are more than welcome to stay away, but for those who don’t want to miss out on the half the season live, download the software and enjoy!!!!!


    To be honest this is illegal, all though this is a huge “No No” area, with streaming I would never advise someone to download software to stream due to the high chance of viruses.


    Well a legal way of watching the races that are not on BBC is pointing a sattelite at Astra 19.2 east and receiving RTL. RTL shows the races and qualifying live. You also pick up Sport1 which shows FP1 and FP2 live. I watch this with commentary from BBC 5 Live with James Allen and Gary Anderson. A perfect solution I think. I created a thread about this on another website which you can read here if you want.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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