Stroll has 'low alcohol' team kit in Japan

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    Lance Stroll is wearing a different team kit to Felipe Massa this weekend. Stroll’s gear doesn’t identify title sponsor Martini. Here they are in Australia enjoying the press conference:

    Lance Stroll, Felipe Massa, Albert Park, 2017

    And here they are in Japan – Massa giving Ricciardo a massage while Stroll has a nap:

    According to Williams the difference will apply to their clothing but not their cars. The reason is 18-year-old Stroll is younger than the minimum legal drinking age in Japan. The same distinction will also apply at the next round in the USA.


    It’s an interesting choice given the legal minimum is also 18 in Australia, as well as many other countries. Maybe the Japanese have a stricter view on this? For example, in Australia it is no issue to be consuming alcohol on private property under 18 years old, as long as permission of a parent/guardian is given. Maybe a similar exemption doesn’t apply in Japan and the USA.


    @VMaxMuffin The legal minimum in Japan is 20, it’s 21 in Texas (so Verstappen can’t drink there until next year!)

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