Thailand circuit: Your layout ideas

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    So, now that Ecclestone has claimed that F1 will be racing in Thailand in 2015, it’s a good idea to revive this thread. Has anyone got good suggestions?


    Since I can’t seem to find any nice sweepy roads that are actually wide enough, I’ve taken the liberty to make some Tilke-ish designs.

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5764183 (clockwise)

    A lot of straights leading into sharp corners or chicanes, one flowing part leading into a sharp right hander, more sillyness with straights and sharp turns, a weird construction leading into the end of the lap. There’s even a few bridges!

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5764191 (anti-clockwise)

    More 90-degree chicaney goodness. It has some longer straights, I think setting the car up would be challenge, as well as the silly way I’ve led the track around the statue/roundabout.

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5764195 (clockwise)

    An even faster track. Very basic, although the last sector would be very tricky.

    I tried some more designs, but it’s mostly highway and barely any side streets, so it’s hard to not make a track with 1 kilometer long straights and 90 degree bends.

    rob lomas

    28 corners
    3 crossovers


    Looking over the city, this area just looked like a street circuit waiting to happen.
    A big oval for the pits/paddock area/grandstands to go. A fairly sharp first corner for overtaking. A long straight with a fast S curve through the round about followed by a hairpin at the end. Also the braking for the hairpin is on a slight corner, i know from go karting experience that braking during a fast corner is very tricky, so this corner should test the drivers and hopefully provide overtaking. The slight curve also goes over a small crest. there is also room room for fun off (escape roads) in the streets that lead from the intersection. so safety at that corner shouldnt be an issue. there would then be a nother long straight followed by a chicane similar to the “singapore sling” (yes i like that chicane, i think it is a good challenge for the drivers. Another straight follows this and then a fast sweeping corner.(also room for run off here) The following straight runs down one side of a spectacular canal this traight has a 90 degree right hander at the end. The 90 degree right hander goes over a bridge with a slight hump to unsettle the cars. there is then a short straight to another 90 degree right hander. Another straight follows. This straight runs past some beautiful thai buildings. The there is a 90 degree left. a short straight and then a fast right hand sweeper back onto the pit straight. I did the whole lap on Google street and all the streets seem in very good condition and most of them are fairly wide. see what you think?

    Here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=5764691


    Heres a few (non realistic ideas)
    This one didn’t involve much creativeness on my part, looks okay from here, but the roads are terrible (for some of it), and its basically in the ghetto: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=5764707

    Or bernie could surprise the hell out of us and build a track that is shaped like a sick as moustache….. you choose which direction it goes in…. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5764714
    And one more: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=5764731



    A really quick circuit, but I think the addition of a another true power circuit along with Monza will give the race some charachter which most of the new additions to the calender lack. Lots of good pitlane locations on this track too


    apolgies to @Baldry00 didn’t look at everyones circuits before I designed mine, seems like we have a very similiar idea but. I’ve added a couple more circuits for overtaking and safety reasons but still they look like nice fast circuits


    Would kimi accidentally get lost again!!!! Would there be red lights and cheap vodka!!!! LOL!!!


    Here’s one layout suggestion.


    The track is clockwise. A total length of 5.2902 km means about 57 laps. Circuit starts on the bullet dot, first sector is up and until the second dot, third sector until the fourth dot.

    The circuit itself is rather simple. It’s a fast and basic layout, like A1 Ring and Monza.



    A portion of the track actually goes through Lumphini Park, and has several chicanes for safety and overtaking.

    Track Length: 4.350 km
    Race Length: 308.850 km
    Laps: 71

    Turns: 16

    TURN 1 – GEAR 2 – A left-hand turn on to a road through Lumphini Park.
    TURN 2 – GEAR 3 – Following the road through Lumphini Park.
    TURNS 3 AND 4 – FLAT OUT – Following the road through Lumphini Park.
    TURNS 5 AND 6 – GEAR 3 – A fast chicane out of Lumphini Park.
    TURN 7 – GEAR 3 – A 90-degree left-hander.
    TURN 8 – GEAR 3 – A chicane on to another road through Lumphini Park.
    TURN 9 – GEAR 4 – A chicane out of Lumphini Park.
    TURN 10 – GEAR 3 – A 90-degree left-hander.
    TURN 11 – GEAR 2 – A potential overtaking opportunity where hard braking is necessary.
    TURN 12 – GEAR 5 – A very fast chicane in the middle of a long straightaway.
    TURN 13 – GEAR 1 – An extremely tight hairpin, similar to Valencia’s Turn 17 hairpin.
    TURN 14 – GEAR 4 – A Surfers Paradise style ‘chicane’.
    TURN 15 – GEAR 6 – Just tight enough to make the driver think twice before attempting to go in flat-out.
    TURN 16 – GEAR 4 – A fast chicane leading on to the main straight.

    Delta Golf Sierra


    The Sanamluang park would make a perfect paddock area. Laps are counter-clockwise. Goes past some really nice Thai architecture. Roads are a bit narrow in spots, but that’s hard to avoid in Bangkok.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    A portion of the track actually goes through Lumphini Park, and has several chicanes for safety and overtaking.

    That looks horrible. It reminds me of the Bucharestring, a nastly little street circuit in Romania that is narrow and full of chicanes.

    Once again, you have displayed a complete lack of understanding about what makes a good circuit a good circuit.


    @prisoner-monkeys What do you think makes a good circuit a good circuit? What do you dislike about chicanes?


    … Didn’t you two have that exact conversation in another thread already?

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