The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012

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    Just watched this nice documentary about the development of Red Bull racing since 2005. If you haven’t seen it yet: it’s definitely 30 minutes well spent!


    Newey’s impersonation of Marko is… naturally, genius!


    The bit from Newey at around 17:30 on protests against the team is very interesting.


    Loved Vettel’s insights on his feelings after Brazil ’09, particularly.

    Jon Sandor

    Vettel – “If you stopped now it’s still a lifetimes achievement … one day you want to have a family, kids .. I’m looking forward to those kinds of things”.

    I can’t see him still being in F1 on his 30th birthday.

    He and Newey both seemed really exhausted. Some of that clip was fluff, but you do get a sense of just how grueling a seasons racing actually is for the people involved.


    @jonsan I saw it a bit differently. Yes, F1 is great and it’s not all there is to life, but it doesn’t preclude him from racing on into his 30s. As Seb is an astute student of F1 history (as well as Schumi’s protege), I really think he will eventually set his sights on equalling or surpassing Schumi’s 7 titles. He’s nowhere near close enough to allow himself to think of that just yet, but he has the time (10 years minimum, 14-15 more likely) to do it. Not to mention Schumi won 5 of his titles after getting married AND having 2 kids. So it can be done.


    Would liked to have Webber’s insight after Abu Dhabi 2010 but otherwise a very interesting review.


    Nice little film that, it’s a bit self-congratulatory but it is still a nice film. Red Bull Racing have been the standard bearer in F1 since mid-season ’09, a feat for which they deserve massive praise.

    I chuckled when Newey said “there is no such thing as the spirit of the regulations”…I wonder if he told Horner that when he was saying that Double Decker Diffusers were against the spirit of the regulations at the beginning of ’09.


    @katederby I was waiting for that too but it’s like they glossed over it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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