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    He robbed a bank. :)

    Really, no reason to get into the whole Vettel x Alonso debate. Time will tell, that’s all.
    And even when Vettel makes mistakes, he makes up for them. He makes mistakes, sure, because he risks a lot when he needs to; and he might just get better. But Alonso was not as strong in the 2nd half of the season last year as he was in the first, I think no one really doubts that.

    Well anyway, I said enough of the Vettel x Alonso debate and there I go again. By the way, Alonso is the most complete driver on the grid, I reckon; but the gap to Vettel and Hamilton is smaller than he thinks, and some other people think. And time might still change the whole perception.


    @magon4 LOL…i accept your reason..:) …how he runaway with it..?..he must be smart??

    The funny thing with this Alonso-Vettel is that reminds me Schumi-Alonso in 2006…all the “Tifosi” were against the Spaniard (me included) and now we all root for him…just a couple of years and we probably be vettel fans..:D

    Jon Sandor

    I don’t have anything to say about Villeneuve. I will say that the complaints about Vettel having the “fastest car” seem oddly detached from the reality of Formula One. It’s a very unusual season when the WDC is not driving the fastest car, or at least the best overall car. Alonso won his titles in the best car, as did Prost, Senna, Stewart, Villeneuve (I guess I did say something about him) and just about every other champion who comes to mind.

    I never saw Fangio drive. I don’t doubt he was a fine driver, but was he really as superior to the other drivers of his time as his five consecutive titles would suggest? Probably not. It’s in the nature of F1 that quite small differences in driver ability/car capability translate into large differences in outcomes.

    Jon Sandor

    In 2012, both Red Bull and McLaren had 8 pole positions each. Likewise, both Red Bull and McLaren had 7 victories each.

    In 2012 Ferrari had 15 podium finishes, Red Bull had 14, and McLaren 13. So the Ferrari was the best car!

    No, I wouldn’t go that far. But it was a much better car then it’s being give credit for. If Massa had not gone completely missing for the first half of the year it might even have taken the WCC. He scored 99 points in the last ten races, only 23 in the first ten.


    I’m curious as to why JV gets labelled as just speaking “nonsense”. When he was one of the broadcast staff at the Canadian GP last season or season before, he was the only person besides maybe Webber who I’ve seen on TV going off on DRS and KERS saying they are a joke. Besides that, from what I’ve seen, he just speaks his mind and gets berated for it. I think many people agree with his assessment of Vettel. Yes, yes, vettel is triple world champ, and he can pass, and hold his own, but I don’t hold him on the same level as other champions.

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Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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