What is Happening to Formula One?

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    It’s BAD ENOUGH that I have to endure David Croft’s breathless on-the-verge-of-climax fawning over Hamilton and all things British ad nauseum. Of course, Brundle’s justifying the God-like omniscience of Hamilton and his demi-God fellow Brits Norris and Russel is reporting at it’s most pathetic, spit-roast worst.

    But now we have to witness further erosion of this sport by a display of hubris by an unspeakably arrogant team – by Mercedes wanting to punish the only credible challenge to Hamilton to come along in years.

    Isn’t it enough that their chassis (a phenomenal engineering feat entirely responsible for winning the races), driven by a thoroughly average (I’m-so-woke-and-love-to-virtue-signal) driver, happened to win the race in Brazil? Oh, no. They feel obliged to try any feeble stratagem available to them to penalize Verstappen in their lust to crush the opposition and win at any cost.

    It appears as though Hamilton and Mercedes somehow sense this is the beginning of the end to their dominance. So, they will sacrifice honor and respect in order to “win” through the back-door of a grid or time penalty.

    As the result of the too-oft repeated and petulant snivels by Hamilton/Mercedes, the cache’, the magical “je ne sais quoi”, the essence of Formula 1, is further diminished.

    Frankly, it’s a bore watch Mercedes chassis’ and their ho-hum passengers disappear over the horizon. Let’s get back to honest racing and honest results. Without them, the Formula 1 sport is doomed.

    Lucas Kado

    Hi there!

    That doesn’t sound right to me.

    Rules have to be the same for everyone. There’s been more incidents of this kind along the season. Either you punish all of them, or you let the drivers do whatever they want.

    Observation of the “rules of engagement” when overtaking has thrown penalties for other people who are in a close battle for other things than winning the championship.

    In Brazil’s Verstappen-Hamilton incident, when looking at the cockpit camera of the former one, you can’t see any effort for keeping the car inside the track. He takes the inside of the corner and leaves the track, going quite a distance out of the limits.

    In other incidents you can see the pilots fighting with the steering wheel in order to make the corner and keep their cars inside the track. And they manage to do it just for a minimal margin, but enough for forcing the other car out of the track.

    Those were penalized. Consistently, same rules should apply to those fighting for the title. Verstappen should be penalized as well.

    I understand what you say about Mercs dominance and so on. But you have to keep those feelings away in order to be equal for everyone.

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