What's the earliest you've ever written off a team for the title?

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    Earlier today I found myself realizing that, despite being only 3 races in, I’ve pretty much given up hope on Ferrari to challenge for the titles this year. I think I was even less pessimistic in 2009 or 2005. Being this far back now and having a staff shuffle doesn’t exactly scream ‘control’ in my eyes.

    What are some instances you didn’t see your a team accomplishing the title early on in the season? Were you right or wrong?

    I’ve been very wrong about McLaren in 2003, when their unraced MP4/18 was giving them trouble, I ruled them out, but Kimi kept it going until the final race. I wasn’t feeling very good about Ferrari in 2008 either, but they ended up redeeming themselves over the course of the season. Most recently I think I’ve had to drastically adjust my hopes for Mercedes in 2010l I imagined they’d be going for podiums at least.

    Theo Parkinson

    I ruled out Louts completely for 2014 sometime last season. When I saw people just before the start of the season (Ted Kravitz) predicting race wins I was flabbergasted.


    I gave up on Ferrari for the 2014 constructors title some time in 2012.


    Most recently I think I’ve had to drastically adjust my hopes for Mercedes in 2010l I imagined they’d be going for podiums at least.

    They did. Rosberg got 3.


    Are you implying a top team? Because I ruled out HRT before they even turned a steering wheel in 2012.

    Regarding top teams, I ruled out Mercedes two races into 2011 and 2012, on both occasions they surprised me in China, but then faded for the rest of the season.

    Anyone who ruled out Ferrari early in 2005 would be a fool, they just came off winning 5 consecutive world titles. You’d be better off writing off Red Bull at the present time.

    Omar R

    To be honest, I never thought Red Bull could ever win a single championship (drivers or constructors). They looked so distracted wearing Superman capes and Star Wars stuff, I couldn’t take them seriously.


    Midway 2012 Mercedes were having a disastrous season, their car was driven by a prehistoric Schumacher and unmotivated Rosberg. At the time Lewis hadn’t been signed yet. Many people were expecting Mercedes to pull the plug with F1 sooner rather than later. I doubt anyone back in August 2012 could have guessed that Merc would be where they are today, 18 months later.


    I wrote off McLaren for 2013 (in late 2012) when they lost Hamilton. I’ve written off Ferrari every year since Alonso’s hiring.


    During winter testing. Lotus this year comes to mind. In theory they could have been realistic title contenders this year, but after losing so much personnel the writing was sort of on the wall. Their boastfulness during the winter kept many F1 fans believing (Maldonado not withstanding) that they might just pull it off this year, but once the car was (finally) on track it was clear that it was all over.


    I wrote Ferrari off in 2014 even before pre season testing began. I predicted them to make the 3rd or 4th fastest car… but I think they can do considerably worse this year.

    What a waste of Kimi’s and Nando’s years


    I wrote off McLaren very early into the 2013 season. I also don’t see Ferrari winning anything this year.


    It’s pretty natural I think, most of us get a sense of where the teams are after one or two races and then re-adjust our expectations for them. I tend to wait for the first dry qualifying session of the European season before writing anyone off, but this season I’ve made my choices after Bahrain. I tend to agree, I have written off any chance of Ferrari challenging for a title this season. McLaren too if I’m honest. It is sad seeing as this season was meant to put the “motor” back in motorsport and Ferrari have historically been so strong on the engine side.

    Lucas Wilson

    I wonder if Ferrari will win a race this season?

    That would be the first time since 1993 that a Ferrari hasn’t won a race.


    I remember writing off every team but Red Bull after qualifying for 2013 Australian Grand Prix. They were quickest in practice and then locked out the front row. Admittedly I changed my mind after they struggled with tyres and didn’t look that strong in races. After that, it wasn’t until Monza that I realised that nobody else had a chance.


    I wrote Super Aguri off for the 2014 title some time early 08.

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