Which drivers have driven for all the top teams?

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    I started out trying to think of drivers who have driven for the sport’s 3 most successful teams (Ferrari, McLaren & Williams) and managed Prost and Mansell – are there any others?

    That lead me on to wider questions, and I wonder, which driver has won Grands Prix with the most teams?

    These days drivers seem a lot more entrenched in the top teams than historically, less willing to move around – Alonso apart…


    But this depends from times, because Williams in the 2000s wasn’t very competitive, so a good driver that drove for top teams probably would not have gone to Williams. Alonso and Raikkonen both drove for Ferrari and McLaren, the most competitive during that time.


    Isn’t it a bit of a push to suggest that Mansell ever ‘drove’ for McLaren?


    LOL @ ajokay!

    Tom L.

    Although in a much earlier period, I thought of Fangio when I read the title. A key reason to his multiple titles was that he always made sure he was in one of, if not the fastest car on the grid. Alonso is probably the nearest modern equivalent with Renault – McLaren – Ferrari (oh and let’s not forget that juggernaut of F1, Minardi!), but I can’t imagine Fangio spending 2 years in a mid-grid Renault, waiting for a top seat to become available…


    MSC: Benetton, Ferrari, Brawn GP…


    Button’s driven for Williams, Renault, Brawn and McLaren, the first two not when competitive though!


    Prost, Alonso & Button have won races for 3 teams.

    I’m sure there are more but can’t think of any right now!


    I had this topic in another forum where I called it the “(un)holy trinity” of F1. Here’s the list I managed to gather:

    Complete Trinity:

    * Alain Prost

    * Nigel Mansell

    * Jacky Ickx

    Incomplete Trinity (one drive missing):

    * Alexander Wurz (missing Ferrari)

    * Aryton Senna (missing Ferrari) †

    * Carlos Reutemann (missing McLaren)

    * Clay Regazzoni (missing McLaren) †

    * David Coulthard (missing Ferrari)

    * Derek Bell (missing Williams)

    * Gerhard Berger (missing Williams) –> but he worked for Williams, just not as a driver

    * Gilles Villeneuve (missing Williams) †

    * Jenson Button (missing Ferrari)

    * Jody Scheckter (missing Williams)

    * Juan Pablo Montoya (missing Ferrari)

    * Keke Rosberg (missing Ferrari)

    * Kimi Räikkönen (missing Williams)

    * Mario Andretti (missing McLaren)

    * Martin Brundle (missing Ferrari)

    * Niki Lauda (missing Williams)

    * Patrick Tambay (missing Williams)

    * Rubens Barrichello (missing McLaren)

    * Stefan Johansson (missing Williams)


    Its really too hard to define 3rd top current teams, aside from Mclaren and Ferrari there in recent decades has not been any constant contenders. MSC currently drives for Mercedes, not Brawn Gp who were around for one year and won one championship, technically that’s a success story. Renault only returned as a team in 2001 and have won 2 titles in 9 years, the team they took over was Benetton which MSC won 2 titles for. Williams has 7 titles under there belt, but hasn’t tasted the championship champagne for over 13 years.


    Jacky Ickx is especially notable as he drove for all three teams in one year in 1973! This was, of course, when the McLaren and Williams teams were still young but it is still surprising.


    Wow, that’s quite an achievement – doubt that’ll happen again any time soon!

    Adrian J

    @SonyJunkie: Does Button winning for Honda & Brawn really count as 2 different teams though – the owners and name may have changed but it was still the same team really.


    Ok according to the originator of this message the 3 top teams has already been identified as Ferrari, Mclaren and Williams. This list is historically correct but does not apply necessarily to modern F1 (Wiliams I don’t think will ever regain it’s glory, especially when Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull is the way they are now). In actuallity Benetton was a force when it was still competing (now Renault), infact if you look at history they were even or better than Williams. So in that regards you can include Micheal Schumacher to this list. But if you look at ratios comparing success to the amount of time in the circuit Red Bull is arguably the fastest rising team in the circuit which makes it a force to be wrecken with. As for drivers I don’t really put much stocks in them… You can take a tallent and put them in bad cars and take an average driver and put them in the best cars and the result will be the same. Case in point, I am convinced that if Rosberg ever drove in a Ferrari, Mclaren or Red Bull he would easily win a championship. Same could be said about Kubica and I’ll put my neck out there and also select Kobayashi.


    Well, I see some of you include MSC because of his time at Benetton. In that case you can count in Berger as well, since he drove for McLaren, ferrari and Benetton (winning races in all 3 teams).

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