Which F1 drivers give most honest information?

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    When you look for comments on TV or the net, whose do you look for? Which drivers do you feel are less political than others and give accurate information which actually represents what they are thinking?
    I gotta say Mark Webber for this one. He is a straight forward guy and doesn’t care too much about the politics. His info is always interesting, and he is honest to the fall, even if that means saying that he hasn’t been good enough.
    I like the other Red Bull driver for this, too. Seb loves to give detailed info (too detailed for some, rambling on and on at times) and he does it with a certain degree of naivity; he doesn’t think about the bigger picture, so he doesn’t tend to measure his words too much. Funny that the two drivers of the “commercialized” team Red Bull might be the most forthcoming and open driving duo concerning valid and interesting info.
    Kimi is also a straight shooter, but he doesn’t tend to say to much; I think this has more to do with the fact that he doesn’t think too much about some of those things, so I don’t get the impression he is hiding something.
    Other drivers have some sort greater of agenda, I feel. Agenda of greatness or self imagie (Alonso, Hamilton) or of keeping a job and being accepted (Rookies and some others).
    I would also mention Maldonado, Rosberg, Hülkenberg and Sutil as pretty straight shooters.
    Over to you!


    Australia’s Mark Webber.


    I’d go with:

    1. Raikkonen
    2. Webber
    3. Vettel

    Dr. Jekyll

    probably Webber as you already mentioned!
    sorry to hijack the thread, but on a tangent note, on the other side of the scale I completely disregard any word out of Hamiltons mouth… in many cases he’s got facts wrong (Buttons twitter account etc.) or he’s making up some kind of persona which he thinks will be of profit for him.
    For example all of the pre season we read quotes similar to – Merc has got no chance to do anything this year, this is a calculated loss of a year blabla,
    and now he’s bashing on people who had doubts about Merc this season…


    Let’s try to keep this one positive… lot’s of biggering going on in other threads…

    Having said that, agree 100% on HAM, ;)

    Aish Heydrich

    Obviously Kimi.
    If Andrew Benson was a driver…


    What’s more honest than tweeting telemetry?


    Honest? Yes.
    Foolish? Also yes.


    I’d have to throw in Button perhaps. Recently hes been very honest and open with his struggling Mclaren, and usually with the team radio hes no stranger at openly criticising his car. However, once he has something that is pretty good under him he tends to keep a little bit back. I’m not sure whether this is a way of keeping his cards close or whatever but that’s the feeling I get.


    One thing that I like about Kimi is that he never makes excuses for things, or plays silly mind games, or any of that. He just tells it as it is. Webber seems good in that regard too.

    @Aish Benson would get a default last on my list.

    Alex green

    none of them :)

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