Which Race to Attend?

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    Been an F1 fan since the days of James Hunt but only ever attended one race, due to cost and RL issues.

    I saw the British GP way back in 1981 when John Watson won!

    This year at last I plan to actually make it to a race and I am looking abroad, it will have to be in Europe but other than that open to suggestions.

    Quite like the look of Austria as tickets are cheap, Hungary and Spa are also options.

    Any advice welcome.

    Ben Needham

    I’ve been to the British GP (2000, 2008, 2017), the Belgian GP (2013) and the Italian GP (2014) and hoping to attend a different one this year. They are all vastly different experiences, but if I had to suggest one, I’d recommend Spa; a great track, plenty of different vantage points, a good atmosphere and good beer!

    I’ve camped every time I’ve attended a GP, simply because it’s cheaper and adds to the atmosphere of the weekend in many ways.

    You’ll have a great time wherever you go!

    Pink Peril

    I go to Melbourne every year, but have also been to Singapore, Monaco & Montreal. Of those, Melbourne and Montreal are my favourites because of the atmosphere, off track activities and setting.

    Singapore is a bit clinical and the layout of the track means it is very disjointed for fans – you can’t just walk from one area to another. Monaco is very crowded and has a similar problem, but is wonderful to be at just because its Monaco.

    I think either Spa or Monza will be the next international race I attend.


    I’ve been to Monza, Silverstone and Yas Marina, but above all I prefer my home GP at Spa. I’ve been going to Spa every year.

    I’m looking into doing Paul Ricard this year too, or Hockenheim.


    For Me: Monaco (2013 & 2014)
    Austin (2014)
    Monza (2015)
    Singapore (2017)

    My ranking are as followed: Monaco (2013), Singapore (2017), Monza (2015), Monaco (2014) & Austin (2014).

    I’m more of a street circuit guy who goes to the races for ambiance and spectacle of the whole thing so Monaco and Singapore was a must for me hence why they rate so high and are my favorites. Monza was a great experience, but the race was over in like an hour and 10 minutes which was nuts. Austin, was trash to me. Love the city of Austin, but will never go back as I just don’t particularly care for Circuit of the Americas as well as the state of Texas itself.

    I usually plan my vacations around F1 and other major sporting events around the world, so being able to get a the most bang for my buck in regards to the race and possibly of other sporting events and/or just another city I would like to visit plays a major role in what race I decide to go to. Monza being the perfect example of that as I always wanted to go to Lake Como and was able to double up the Italian Grand Prix with a Derby Belladonna (AC Milan vs Inter Milan) while in the area.

    For me, Spa would be the next race that I would like to go to for a multitude of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that its a longer version of Monza and the idea of watching a race in that atmosphere (forest) is appealing to me.

    I live in the Northeast United States and Montreal is the closest race to me (5 1/2 hour drive). Realistically, that’s probably the race that i’ll be going to this year. It’s crazy to think I’ve been half way around the world for F1, but haven’t even been the race that’s the closest to me, lol

    Good luck on your choice, but as for my suggestion, if your going for the racing then probably Spa, if your going for the atmosphere then definitely Monaco.

    Istvan Simon

    I’ve been to all European venues, mainly as a journalist. But as my costs were usually not covered, or only partly covered by my employer (car magazines & publishing houses in Hungary) I often travelled and accommodated like a normal fan, and picked up my journalist’s pass before the weekend. I have first-hand experiences from places like Barcelona, Monza, Monte Carlo, Spa, Silverstone, Hockenheim and the Hungaroring, of course.

    This year I definitely want to go to Marseille for the French GP at Le Castellet, especially as there will be a street demo with old F1 cars and drives in Marseille on the Thursday before the grand prix. Any advice regarding Marseille (or nearby) accommodation, car hire, trains or must-see places are welcome!




    I’ve been to Barcelona 2012 and Monza 2016. I liked Barcelona track as it had pit-walk on Thursday and Friday you can go to any grandstand. So I walked around the whole track during the day. Grandstands and grass hills are very good for spectators. Monza is much worse in that sense for viewing but also had pit-walk and “free to move” Friday. To go to Lesmo part of track you need exit and re-enter etc.

    Barcelona race is in May so it’s a nice warm headstart for the summer in Spain for most Europeans.

    PS. I really liked that for both tracks you can bring almost anything – food, drinks, chairts etc. So you can make yourself comfortable right at the track, not like in concerts where everything is banned. But do check the rules…

    Steven Smith

    Austria is great for viewing. One of the best. Probably 70% of the track from some parts.

    kelly felix

    If possible, MOntecarlo is the one!

    Alianora La Canta

    @David, hope you enjoyed whichever race you chose.

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