Your dream 2012 Formula 1 season?

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    1. Alonso wins the championship in a two-way title fight with Schumi, with Mercedes winning the Constructor’s title.
    2. Kimi wins at Spa and gets another 2-3 podiums (Monaco, Singapore)
    3. Hamilton wins in Turkey and Nurburgring
    4. A Sauber driver gets on the podium
    5. Perez gets Massa’s seat at Ferrari
    6. Caterham scores first points

    Younger Hamii

    1.F1 Fanatics are shocked by a new & evolved Lewis Hamilton
    2.McLaren & Ferrari resume their rivalry(1998-2008) as the teams to beat with Red Bull,Mercedes & Lotus(Renault( not far behind at all.
    3.Raikkonen & Schumi have constant lightning starts from their grid positions,mixing it with the Big guns or even winning races.
    4.Caterham(formally Lotus) finally mixes it within the Midfield
    5.Hamilton on Pole at Monaco(i dont care how the rest of the weekend pans out for him)
    6.Too much to ask but at the end of the season,3 Drivers have an equal amount of points,wins & podiums.


    1. Rubens Barichello stays with a once again front running Williams team.
    2. 5 way duel for the title between Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Rubens Barichello, Mark Webber, and Felipe Massa concluding at the penultimate round with Rubens coming out on top.
    3. Team Lotus/Caterham scores a point
    4. Surprise win from a midfielder (i.e. FI, Sauber)
    5. Pastor Maldonado loses his superlicense.

    Dave Tett

    Obviously we all want to see a close title fight but my top three events I would like to see happen are;

    1. Mark Webber to won the world title.
    2. Nico Rosberg to get his first win preferably at home.
    3. Kovalainen to score some points.

    Roll on 2012 :)


    @tettf1 where exactly would Nico’s “home” race be though?

    1. McLaren have the fastest car, and win the constructors.
    2. McLaren dominate proceedings; leading the title (sometimes with JB; mostly with LH) from start to the penultimate race, only to have Vettel sneak in his 3rd consecutive title in as many years.
    3. Kimi nabs Spa pole through changing conditions; though he doesn’t have the car to win in dry; so he doesn’t win.
    4. JB breaks his McLaren contract and partners Seb for the 2013 season. Kimi breaks his Renault contract and signs alongside LH at McLaren for 2013
    5. Felipe wins again! and he’s actually competitive with Alonso
    6. Hulkenberg steamrolls (not edges; steamrolls) Di Resta.
    7. Schumi wins a race via attrition; and gets wet podiums on merit. Rosberg can’t quite match Schumi; and Schumi beats him in the standings.
    8. Vergne beats Ricciardo in qualifying AND races. Points too.


    1. RBR, McLaren,Ferrari,Mercedes,Lotus all produce competitive cars for a close fought season.
    2. Race seats for Ricciardo and Vergne
    3. Podiums for Schumacher, Grosjean, Alguersuari.
    4. Wins for Massa in Monza, Alonso in Valencia, Button at Silverstone.
    5. Wins for Webber at Melbourne, Spa, Monaco, Suzuka, Hockenheim, Singapore, Sao Paulo
    6. Raikkonen gets bored after Grosjean out scores him and is replaced after Spa by Kubica.
    7. Six different pole sitters.
    8. Points for Pic.
    9. WDC for Webber.

    Dave Tett

    @raymondu999 touche Sir, I had forgotten Rosberg lives in Monaco but because he is German his home race has to be The German Grand Prix! :) Although I don’t care what race he wins once he wins one and puts the rumors of him becoming Nick Heidfeld to bed!


    1.Kimi pissing off the Mclaren’s and Red Bull.
    2.Ferrari back with there glory days.
    3.Vettel and RedBull fighting hard for the qualifying pace.(enough victories with the bloody RB7)


    Wow, didn’t expect #2 of mine to come true so soon!


    WDC decided like the Nascar series this year, last race, numbers 1 & 2 battling for the win.
    RB, McLaren and Ferrari all develop winning cars where the winner is the driver, not the chassis.
    MSC and Massa getting podiums, often
    (and a 4th, Massa ahead of Hamilton in the points, rof).


    1. Ferrari & Alonso winning the WCC & WDC respectively.
    2.Felipe Massa back in form
    3.RBR with the third fastest car.

    ross bell

    1. big title scrap with as many teams as possible
    2. hamilton back to his beat
    3.heikki in the points and trulli given the boot to make room for another young driver


    1. Closely matched teams and a really tight championship race
    2. Schumacher and Raikkonen winning a race
    3. A Sauber on the podium (it’s been 2003 since that happened!)
    4. Caterham scoring points and joining the midfield battle
    5. Marussia and HRT surviving
    6. A mad race with a surprise winner

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d like to see the following:

    – A 2010-esque championship battle.
    – 2011-style racing.
    – A new race winner.
    – Exciting races in Bahrain, Valencia and Abu Dhabi.
    – No politics getting in the way of things.
    – Toro Rosso to be sold and become a proper team.


    Hamilton wins a close title, and it isn’t controversial.
    Alonso, Button and Vettel are all challenging, possibly with Rosberg and Schumacher.
    Schumacher gets a podium or win.
    Raikkonen gets a podium or win, and a pole.
    Grosjean proves his worth along with Senna if he finds a seat mid-season.
    Exciting races, more Canada, China and Germany-like.
    Caterham bag some points.
    Perez and di Resta continue to shine.

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