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    Alex Tunnicliffe

    Ok, so this is how this is going to work.

    Every week an idea will be put forward that concerns F1 and we can debate it. Suggestions can be private messaged to me and I will choose one each week. There will hopefully be a new debate up each week.

    The first idea is going do be my own and it is called Team GP.

    My idea is to have an F1 team running with a year old chassis, for example, that runs the best two drivers from the previous season of Gp2 that don’t have connections to an F1 team and don’t have a drive in F1. This idea is supposed to stop Gp2 champions from being stuck without a drive in F1 but unable to compete in Gp2. The team would be funded by the Fia and would run on a year old chassis unless any team is willing to lend their chassis.

    So let me know me know what you think of my idea. Do you like it or can you see a flaw in the idea. Who knows, maybe the idea will be better by the end of this week.

    Ps: I am new to this making topics thing so if I have left something out, please tell me and don’t be mad.


    Or they could just lift the very stupid rule that a GP2 champion has to leave the series.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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