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2015-16 Formula E calendar

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    The 2015-16 Formula E calendar has been announced. It includes a new race in France but there’s a gap where Miami was and room for a ‘to be announced’ event.

    The races at Punta del Este and Buenos Aires are listed as ‘to be confirmed’ and all events are subject to FIA track homologation, which hopefully means they’re considering a few improvements around the calendar.

    1: 17th October 2015 – China, Beijing
    2: 7th November 2015 – Malaysia, Putrajaya
    3: 19th December 2015 – Uruguay, Punta del Este
    4: 6th February 2016 – Argentina, Buenos Aires
    5: 19th March 2016 – TBA
    6: 2nd April 2016 – USA, Long Beach
    7: 23rd April 2016 – France, Paris
    8: 21st May 2016 – Germany, Berlin
    9: 4th June 2016 – Russia, Moscow
    10 & 11: TBA – Great Britain, London

    Fer no.65

    Buenos Aires is probably listed as “to be confirmed” because of the Goverment and Presidential elections. Considering that this year’s race was impulsed by the Buenos Aires governor, who’s now pushing for President, I bet they are waiting to discuss it.


    I want to see an Indonesian round……not a chance of that happening, huh? :(

    Iestyn Davies

    I can only imagine that the TBA round is going to be Mexico City at Hermanos Rodriguez – perhaps they are looking at Brazil as a backup for Uruguay or Argentina? Personally, I think Interlagos would be a great venue for them to run at, although the laptimes will probably be very slow compared to F1 (so perhaps that’s why it’s being avoided).


    I would totally dig a race on one of the Paris layouts of GRID Autosport.

    But I’ve heard it’s going to be around Les Invalides instead.


    Pleased it’s coming back to Battersea Park. They made a real effort to make it an entertaining day, and allowed you to get near the drivers easily. If only F1 was like that!


    Am I the only one who wasn’t overly impressed with the Battersea track? (Although it has to be said it was a rather unique setting somewhat akin to the Budapest street races of the 1930s.)

    It was, for most part, straight-chicane-straight-chicane and it did not seem to have offered an awful lot of overtaking opportunities. I was most pleased with the extremely heavy crowning of the road though, I would say it provided an unusual challenge.


    All things considered, I cannot possibly imagine F1 cars taking to that layout as it’s soo narrow and short (I cannot imagine London widening the park roads to accomodate a GP either), so I don’t understand what all the fuss was about the ‘F1 should come here’ topic during the FE weekend.

    R.J. O’Connell

    I would love to see the TBD round in Atlanta, Georgia.


    Formula E has abandoned its efforts to host a Russian round of the series in Moscow on June 4th. Attempts to organise a replacement race in Monaco have also failed. Both events were part of the series’ inaugural 2014-15 schedule.

    The news means there are only two race weekends left for this year’s championship – Berlin on May 21st and the London double-header on July 2nd/3rd. It’s good news for championship leader Lucas di Grassi too as his 11-point advantage over Sebastien Buemi counts for more now there’s only 90 points left on the table instead of 120.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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