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Bruno Senna tests revised Mahindra Formula E car for 2015-16 season

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    Formula E is doing a good job of drip-feeding bits of content through during their off-season.

    Here’s Bruno Senna taking Mahindra’s development car for a spin – it’s all the same on the outside as FE wants teams focussing on that all-electric drivetrain instead of aerodynamics:

    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – I presume this is as good as confirmation that Senna will be back with them next season?

    Iestyn Davies

    They are definitely doing well to keep Formula E visible. I wonder how they will detail/show us how the cars progress as the technology improves? After watching a V10 lap yesterday, I’ll admit I was expecting more sound from the onboard, plus it feels strange to think the same chassis will be getting faster and faster (I’m envisaging more than an F1 design does each year, although usually as they progress collectively and with outside changes that’s not as noticeable)!

    Senna I imagine so, question will be who lines up alongside him.


    Nice. Hope that both Senna and Mahindra can make a step forward in season 2 and be fighting for the podium. Think they were one of the few teams not to make it up there last season.

    Most shocking FE news of the day for me though is that Jacques Villeneuve will replace Nick Heidfeld at Venturi next season. Seems crazy, given Heidfeld’s performances relative to Sarrazin last season (and relative to Villeneuve at BMW-Sauber back in 2006 as well come to think of it!). I can only think this is to generate headlines about a former F1 World Champion racing in Formula E. Hope that Nick can secure a drive elsewhere.


    It looks like Vergne’s taking Alguersuari’s spot at Virgin too, alongside Sam Bird. I wonder what that means for the speculation about him getting the Haas F1 drive?


    When I read that Villeneuve had replaced Heidfeld, as someone who has always quite liked Quick Nick I had to laugh as it’s the story of his racing career. He beats or matches his team-mate but then the team-mate gets the career breaks! Hopefully he’ll get a better drive elsewhere in the series. It is quite a coup for Formula E to have a former F1 world champion in the series though.

    I didn’t watch any of the Formula E e-Prixs last year although I am quite tempted to give it a look this year (despite my reservations about watching a racing series which uses ‘fan boost’). From the reports I read I believe Heidfeld was unlucky and didn’t get the results he should have for various reasons?


    Do you guys know how much faster this years cars will be relative to last year?

    These current Formula E cars, unfortunately, are certainly nowhere near the pinnacle of electric racing car performance.

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