Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

Going to the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

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    Caroline Miles

    Hi Wade

    Can’t comment on the West grandstand as have only done South Upper which we really rate due to the amount of the circuit you can see. Whilst the race last year was not exciting at all some of the support races provided some thrilling races and a lot of the action took place down into the chicane. The year before was something else you didn’t know where to look during the F1 race there was so much action in front of our grandstand and wheel to wheel action.

    You can go into the marina once the track action has finished and there are a lot of restaurants which opened last year as well.

    Not sure if that helps you or not.



    Late reply, thank you for your excellent feedback Caroline, sounds like south could be a good option for the race. Still waiting for confirmation on some family members moving to Abu Dhabi before the race. Which will allow us cheap accom right next to the track. Does anybody else have any feedback regarding the West and South Grandstand? Is the main straight view from the West worth it, do you still see the exit of the corner well from W7.
    People that have sat at South is the upper or lower better?

    Mark Dryburgh

    Im going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this year and staying in Dubai. Is there any other F1 fans travelling from Dubai who would share a taxi? or if they have a hire car would be willing to have an extra passenger, Im willing to contribute to fuel costs. Im staying at the Mèlia hotel in Dubai. Thanks


    The race of races to be had in AD. Hoping for a exciting time!!. couldn’t have planned to attend a better end of the year race!.


    I will be attending this race – my very first live race :-) I got the general admission ticket simply because I rather like the idea of being free to roam an open area and see the cars from different points on the hill as opposed to a grandstand where I imagine one is fairly constrained. I’ll find out if this was a mistake.

    Although this track is not a favourite for many F1Fanatics, it so happens to be the most accessible for most Africans (I’m from Uganda myself and just getting a visa to most European countries is pure hell). So you can see why I’d personally want this race to stay for a long term. It’s the closest thing to a home race for me and I very much intend to make this an annual event.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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