Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Just bought my 4 day grandstand package! Awesome deal to get the Silver Advantage with it too! Although a little gutted as checked 10 days ago and only the one watching the race from the Brabham stand was sold out and today watching from the Clark stand is the only one available! Should have got in sooner although I’ve been reading that the Clark stand is good for the race? Anyone agree/disagree?

    This is my 2nd GP as went to Malaysia last year. That was pretty badly organised and spoke to a lot of people saying how good the Aussie GP is so really looking forward to it! I can’t wait to get in the pit lane or on the circuit and see/speak to the drivers! I am a MASSIVE fanatic!

    I am 27 from England and due to recent circumstances I’ll be on my own for the Grand Prix so if anyone is in the same boat or wants to meet up that would be great!

    Is there any camping around or near the circuit as I have a minivan and would obviously be cheaper than a hostel/hotel?





    The Clark stand is a good spot for the race. You’ll likely see some overtaking into Turn 8 and then see the cars accelerate away with the lake in the background – very picturesque! There are a fair few displays and bars at the back of the stand, including the Monster tent with their lovely promo girls…

    Your best bet for meeting the drivers will be near the Paddock Club entrance, in the centre of the circuit, as the drivers arrive for the day. If you don’t mind waiting for a few hours you may be lucky during the official autograph sessions on the Thursday, but there’s usually far more people around then. Unfortunately, the drivers usually are nowhere to be seen during the pit lane walks on Thursday (in my experience anyway).

    I’m almost certain that there’s no camping near the circuit. There are several hostels nearby in St. Kilda which are a bit on the pricy side for a backpacker’s place (around 30 pounds per night) but still way cheaper than a hotel. Plus hostels would be a good way to meet people as there will be other F1 fans staying there. Also, the locals are very friendly so you’ll never feel left out. Pete’s Bar at the end of the day’s racing is great fun and an absolute riot! (I won’t spoil the surprise for you…)

    You’ll have an amazing time at Albert Park. If only every GP weekend was this much fun!


    Hey everyone,

    in the light of the fanvision news :( does anyone know if there is an FM broadcast at Albert Park (like Silverstone FM?) Not wanting to shell out £17.99 for the app, or have a compatible device, or trusting there will be enough bandwidth for us all, I’m hoping to go lo-tech!
    Very much looking forward to my first GP outside the UK!




    What is the fanvision news? I used it at the British GP in ’10 and absolutely loved it, is it not available at this race? If not, what is the app you speak of?

    Stephen Jones

    Yep, there’s FM radio for the on-track commentary. It’s 99.7 or something from memory


    Cheers Stephen. No option from FOM for live timing other than their app? No streaming either? I really hope they come to some sort of arrangement, seems like a huge step back to me.

    Ive got a 4 day pass to Brabham stand. Lived in NZ my whole life and been an F1 fan for ten years but never made the trip across the ditch. Despite trekking all the way to the UK, Belgium, and Canada for races in the past.


    Spotted a Ferrari truck near the Mercedes Toorak dealership today (few km from Albert Park) which is weird because they don’t send out the transporters for fly away races AFAIK (and its still over a month away).


    Decided last night to go to the Aussie GP from sunny South Africa.
    Hope I get lucky with my local GP promotor.
    Will be travelling alone and el cheapo.
    Hope to meet up with other F! Fanatic fans over there.



    @ClevEd – Great work mate- what tickets do you have and where are you staying?
    If you have tickets that give you access to “Pete’s Bar” drop in for a beer. Drivers do the arrival not too far away from there at the Paddock entrance and also very close some great historic cars to have a look at as well.

    Kate Irwin

    Melbourne 2013 will be my first GP after 20 years being a fan! Got tickets in the Brabham stand. Wondering what’s the best way to get good commentary during the race? And can you even hear it?! Keen to hear any other tips too. Like – can I walk the track or pit lane? Best chance to see the cars and/or drivers up close? All advice welcome. Can’t wait!!! :)


    Hi Kate,

    With no FanVision this years it makes it harder. I think the FM channel is 99.7(or 97.9) so try to take an FM radio. I dont think there is commentary airing at the track (Adelaide used to but a waste of time).

    You can walk the track straight after the race. Anytime from Thursday to Sunday you will have issues with security. Pit lane walks are for Paddock Club and a few other tickets only (corporate and V8 Supercars)- I am not sure whether Brabham stand gets that, but I dont think so.

    I think drivers do a autograph session on the Thursday, but I have never been, so check times. If Brabham stand gives access to the “Gold area” head to Paddock Club entrance from 0900 to 1030 in the morning and the drivers arrive at the Paddock entrance- most happy for a quick hello, sign & photo if you wish- Vettel VERY good at giving his time. I would say similar on the way out but times vary of course.

    Most drivers stay at the Crown Towers so you could get them in the morning- but most would be to the car and then out, so I think another time waster.

    Enjoy your first GP you will be stocked. I took my wife to her first F1 last year and she could not believe how LOUD they are !! LOL!! Cant wait-GO WEBBER!!

    Kate Irwin

    Thanks Garns! I’ll take a radio and plug in under my earmuffs. My partner’s first race too – he normally sleeps through the races at home. True. :) In NZ they start at midnight … but still. Luckily no chance of a snooze at the race! And i agree, go Webber!!!


    Ok people’s I will be at the track tomorrow from 8am ready for the the pit walk and a feast (BBQ). I have ticket in the Clark stand for tommorow, Jones Friday, Fangio sat and Brabham Sunday, but will be floating about all weekend. Let me know if you wanna catch up


    Flying out in the morning, no track for me tomorrow (no F1!!) but so blo*dy keen for Friday !
    Staying at the Crown, where most of the drivers stay, may see a few late arvo but they will be busy trackside with a heap of commitments all day (So I may see Kimi at the pool maybe midday LOL !!?).

    Funkyf1- send me a personal invite and your mobile no. if keen to catch up for a beer- I am meeting mates at Pete’s Bar so will be there if I can be dragged from PC!

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