Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

How to hear commentary at race without FanVision

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    Strange title i know but im off to spa and the speakers there are not very good so we used to have fan vision so we could hear commentary but thats not going to be there any suggestions? radio, app for phone etc thanks


    It would be remiss of me not to suggest following F1 Fanatic Live on Twitter for updates during every live F1 session. It’s not radio of course but it does have the advantage of bring easier to follow amid the din of the cars!



    I bought a small pocket radio for silvestone. only £15 from Argos.


    thanks i think i might try a radio i was hoping to avoid internet charges for twitter etc but great suggestion

    Boris Pavlovic

    There will be commentary in English via local FM radio station (107,5 MHz).


    @boris pavlovic really that will be fantastic so a pocket radio is all ill need then?

    Madi Murphy

    I would say it’s worth looking into how cheaply you can get a mobile data package for while you’re there. I took a pocket radio to the Spanish GP but the standard of the trackside commentary was irritatingly poor (as an example, referring to Vettel and Webber as ‘the Toro Rossos’!), and there wasn’t any English-language commentary at all for the support races. A radio is certainly better than nothing, but if it’s not too pricey you’d be far better off having access to Twitter etc.


    Does anybody know what the 3G coverage is like track-side?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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