Going to the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai

Going to the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit

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    Oh.. and last year using any internet at the track was patchy at best.
    Hopefully it will be better this year. But odn’t bet on it. The internet generally in Shanghai and around, particularly mobile is pants.

    The timing screens are tiny anywhere other than the Grandstand, so we are taking cheap binoculars this year. Last year we improvised with a camera and a zoom lens to get timings.


    hi. First grand prix for me too and sooo looking forward to it. I’ve got B5 grandstand tickets.

    It’s not easy to get any information about what’ll be going on, except for the official schedule. Does anybody know if there is a pit walk on thursdays in China? I didn’t read anything about it so assumed there wasn’t, but a friend told me her boyfriend was planning to go on thursday..



    hi people…
    last minute plan to go to shanghai F1 and needs some advice:

    1) what is the official link for the F1 tickets?
    2) it seems that there’s a metro station to get to the circuit but whether the station will be open on race day, it’s not known yet? by when can we know/confirm whether the station is open/close on race day?

    3) is there any road shows/events with drivers’ appearances within the town/city?
    4) is there pit lane walk for ticket holders for Shanghai circuit?
    5) where can we expect to “spot’ the drivers?

    thanks a lot for everyone’s advice in advance


    Thanks MichaelHu for your reply to my post, can’t wait for next week now.


    Hey guys, travelling to China on Thursday, me and the misses we will be staying in the Salvo Hotel on Metro line 2. If anyone wants to brave the subway system with us, or chicken out and get a taxi, send me an email to glen.wetherell@mac.com.


    Bobby Balboa

    Just arrived in Shanghai today for the race weekend. Watching from stand B5-B8 but have to swap vouchers for tickets on Friday (unless I can do it on Thursday?)

    Staying at YHA Blue Mountain on Hami road near Metro line 2 if anyone else is in this area & getting to the track by Metro?

    I’ve been to Silverstone the last 2 years & also Spa 2009 & Australia 2006 so always good to add another track to the list.

    Hoping for a McLaren 1-2 and maybe a spot of rain on race day to spice things up. Very impressed & gutted with Perez for not getting the win last time out. I love the Sauber team & both of their drivers. Perez will soon be in a Ferrari (Massa doesn’t deserve his seat for the last 2 seasons & is an embarasment) & Kamui has to do or die attitude which seems to be missing with alot of drivers these days.

    Would love to see Shumi fighting at the front as well. Merc have a good car this year with their F-Duct front wing. Just a shame Redbull & more so Ferrari are struggling. It would be awesome to have 4 teams with a chance of a win going for it


    hey guys – Fanvision (Kangaroo TV) is now at Shanghai – it really makes the difference! – you can choose between the SKY or Radio 5 Live commentary and you get all the timing screens, its great.

    Keith Collantine

    Thanks for your contributions everyone.

    The discussion thread for next year’s race is here:

    Going to the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit

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