Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

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    In the city? Entirely depends on your budget and cuisine you want. I tend to me drinking 50p pints in the cheaper places and eating cheap Thai noodles but I can give a bit more advice if you can tell me more.


    Hi Andy
    Don’t really eat cheap. Bit more middle restaurants. Just some nice places in the city. Relaxed and good food


    I’m a big fan of Tanti but it’s a little outside of the centre.

    Bryn Jeavons

    1- The free shuttle bus service from Arpad Had : is it on all 3 days or just on the last day ( race day ) ?
    Every day (not Thursday). It’s ridiculously busy!
    Runs each day and on the way to the track it is more than bearable if you plan to leave Arpad hid before 0830 or thereabouts. Return journey each day is a nightmare. Poor organisation and a free for all, particularly sat and sun. Much better getting a taxi back for a flat fee of 9900 Forints per taxi , so you can always buddy up with someone in the queue and get back to city centre.

    2- Is the Euro accepted everywhere in the city or do I need to convert to the local currency ?
    No Euros anywhere as far as I know. You need to change to HUF.

    Euros taken in virtually all bars and restaurants, as well as Forints, however Forints are currently about 8% better value than the £ to €

    3- Is the VIP stand ticket really worth paying that extra 14 % when compared to the SUPER GOLD ?
    Personally I wouldn’t go for Super Gold or VIP. They are both the same stand but VIp has the highest rows. It’s covered but what’s the point of sitting on a straight?

    Agreed, a good option is the three corner view.

    4- Anyone has a link or photo of the seating plan for the VIP STAND please ?

    You can use google earth and zoom in to each stand. Rows are from front to rear and seats are from centre (1) to end (20) so eg silver 3 sector c and d , c will number 1to 20 to the left and d will number 1 to 20 to the right.

    5- Is there a Pitlane walk ? If yes then is it on Thurday and what time ?
    Normally on Thursday. It’s very busy and the only entrance is the main grandstand. You are herded down the pit striahgt, in one end of the pit lane and out of the other end. I did it once and would never do it again. There are no drivers present.

    Agreed, but sometimes drivers may pop into the garages. Due to the distance etc, not really worth it if you’ve done it elsewhere.

    6- Is free wifi available at city for tourists ? Is it available on the Track?
    Free wifi is unusual in Budapest. The track does not have any wifi (or even a radio brodacast of commentary). There is normally a decent 4G connection and I use it to listen to 5live commentary and check updates on twitter during the race.

    Virtually all bars and restaurants in the city have free wifi, just ask for wifi password. No wifi at race track unless you are Paddock club.

    7- since il be there for 8 days is there any prepaid telecom package that you recommend I should buy ?
    Btw – I’m staying close to the centre of the city if anyone is interested in sharing a taxi or car rental on the RETURN FROM the race and qualifier I’m happy to join :)
    Can’t help with this i’m afraid.

    Not checked but dependant what network you are on at home, most companies cover Hungary in their packages.

    This is my seventh time in last 8 years. If you wNt to know anymore I’ll drop you my number and you can ask as much as you like.

    Have a great trip and I may see you there.


    *squeeeee* Flight out to Hungary tomorrow morning!

    Still looking at best ways to/from the track each day. Will probably try the bus the first day, but depending on how awful it is I might try taxi for Sat/Sun.

    Apartment pretty much in the centre of Budapest if anyone wants to share a taxi there/back… Message me if interested!

    Sam Williams

    I’m flying in tonight and arrive at 00:10. Is there any pblic transport at that time of night to get to the city centre?


    @swilliaam There you go: http://www.bkk.hu/apps/docs/terkep/repter.pdf

    In short: take line 200E, travel through the whole line, take night bus 956 into the centre and you’re all right.

    Cheers from Hungary. :)

    Sam Williams

    @Atticus thanks for the help.

    I’m going to look at tourist spots on Friday if anyone is interested in joining me.


    You’re welcome. (Literally. :D)

    It’s @atticus-2, by the way, the other nick without the number was taken by the time I registered. (I just thought I would check back to see if you got the message and if you have other questions.)

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