Going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang

Going to the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

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    What a trip! Sky Bus ended up the way to go to and from SIC. The bus collection point was only 10 minutes from my hotel as well. The first 2 days i went via KLIA transit…what a mistake. i saw KLIA internal track buses driving round with front and rear doors open with people hanging out. No real order, a bus would arrive and then driver would swing the door open after the guy controlling them was yelling at him and waving him up to where he should have stopped. There were a few people getting aggro at some of the staff organizing the buses. I saw a guy with his wife trying to stare down a bus usher as he didn’t have a ticket to get on, only for the same peanut to be pulled up at the KLIA train station and got told to wait because he didn’t have a ticket and needed to buy one. Karma. I know its a testing time but no need for aggro.
    SkyBus was so much more faster and more guaranteed than KLIA as the 1 bus picked you up and dropped you off. KLIA you had to beat the other people to the train. It took us just on 2 hours to get from SIC to KLCC but it was in air conditioned uncramped comfort. We also beat our next door fans back.they went with KLIA.

    Heat at the track was stifling but once in the stands there was a nice breeze. The pit walk was not even in consideration as the line 2 hours prior was insane. Autograph signing was the same. I am sure there are people with heat stroke to wait in the sun that long. But to each their own.

    Was a good day and a bloody loud one, will be back in a couple of years but next time i may go the full 9 yards with an up-spec ticket.


    Thanks for your contributions everyone.

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    Going to the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

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