Going to the Mexican Grand Prix at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Going to the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

    Stephanie Nash


    Does any one have any information on when tickets will be for sale? We have purchased our Austin tickets already and are really keen to get the Mexico ones sorted! :D Thanks in advance! :D


    I’m interested as well, however i am a little concerned regarding traveling around the area and safety. Ive have seen aerial views of the track and seem to be in poor shape at best according to google. A little concerned for the safety of my self and my family… Thanks


    Ticket Prices for Mexican GP

    Hello, just to let @keithcollantine and everyone know that yesterday the Autódromo revealed all the details regarding ticket prices, seating, availability, etc.

    Here’s the main page where you can find a little map of the available seats: http://www.ahr.mx/f1/

    And for the prices, here’s the source (in Spanish): http://www.excelsior.com.mx/adrenalina/2015/02/24/1009987

    Let me translate the relevant information and convert the currency to US dollars:

    General admission: $100
    Foro Sol North: $430
    Foro Sol South: $300
    “Gold” stands: $600
    “Platinum” stands: $800
    Main Grandstand: $1250

    Tickets will be on sale on the 12 of March on Ticketmaster but if you are a Banamex or Santander customer (luckily I am one lol) you can buy them 2 days earlier.

    So there you go, if you ask me the cheapest tickets are not that bad considering that in general admission there will be actual seats (unnumbered of course), specially compared to Austin’s $170
    But yeah it’s crazy in other places like the main grandstand, according to the article I linked it’s more expensive than Monaco, Canada and Italy.

    Stephanie Nash

    Hello again,

    SO as far as I can see there are still no tickets available to us in the UK… When I go to ticketmaster they say they have none available, bookf1 and f1.com have no tickets showing…

    Can anyone at all shed any light on this situation?! We have flights, hotels etc booked and no race tickets…!

    Thanks! :)


    Well a quick update, basically there’s very few tickets left that you can buy officially through Ticketmaster.
    It appears there’s still some main grandstand tickets and grandstand #5 but you can’t buy them, they will be made available at a latter date (or so they claim).

    You may find this hard to believe but all the general admission and most of the Foro sol tickets sold out in a matter of minutes (as in 1 or 2 minutes!) the reason was that ticketmaster Mexico is very disorganized and got swamped with purchases from resellers who all they want is to make a profit by selling later at a much higher price to us the real fans.

    But back to the real question can you still buy them?
    Of course. It’s almost certain you will be able to purchase a ticket from someone at the gate the day of the event or if you want to be 100% sure you can visit websites like ticketbis
    And if you have more money you can go for one of those VIP packages here: http://granpremiodemexicovip.com/ticket-packages

    Another option (and what I would do if I lived abroad) is to wait and hope that official sellers like F1.com do have them eventually, more expensive but at least you don’t have to deal with those bloody scalpers cough cough

    I was planning on going this race but I couldn’t get the tickets that I wanted and since I’m not rich I will have to wait for another year, but I do hope lots of F1 Fanatics make the trip and share their experience.

    Steven Smith

    It seems that they have been selling tickets in batches. A visit to the Circuit website shows that they are still selling the “last few” with the race just over forty days from now.
    I bought mine from a major dealer just two months ago, and they said that they had over fifty available for Sol North at that time.

    Steven Smith

    Well I now have my tickets in my own personal possession. Just 10 days till travelling over the Atlantic. 14 days to the race.

    Steven Smith

    Seems that I’m the only person on here going to the race. I guess they’ll be a few Perez fans for company. Sunshine on the beach in Cancun today. Flying to Mexico Ciy tomorrow for the weekends action.
    Bring it on!

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