Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Going to the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix at Singapore

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    Greg Kingston

    Bought my tickets for Singapore 2016 tonight. Thought long and hard about tickets for turns 2 and 3 but went for the cheaper option of Bay in the end. There’s not a huge amount of on-track action and the overall view from Bay is hard to resist!

    We’re arriving in time to catch FP3 and qualifying. We then plan to watch the race, catch some of the post-race concerts and are then going off to Vietnam for 10 days. Staying in Clarke Quay so should hopefully be able to walk to the circuit fairly easily.


    It’s an easy enough walk from Clark Quay down to gate 4 or 5 and not too much of a trek to Bay. Turn 2 is my pick, better than Pit for the money. But the money is huge to be aywhere in Zone 1. The bonus with Bay is you’ll stay cool as you’ll always get a breeze, pit and T1/2/3 can get pretty nasty on a still night. I’m still hoping to get up there this year but the stars aren’t aligning.


    We were thinking of going Premier Turn 3, look expensive but just seeing if anyone else has done it and if they think its worth the additional money?

    What other stands have people been to that they would recommend ?


    @evil Homer
    The only real benefit i can see of the T3 stand is that you can hide in the air con. From what i heard from a couple of guys who were in the T3 it’s mostly corporate types on freebies rather than die hard race fans. I don’t know that the outside seats are actually assigned because it didnt ever seem to be full except for the first lap and last time I was there a lot of seats were empty during qualy and the race.

    The stand itself is lower than the T2 stand and might not give an unimpeded view of the cars through T1 above the catch fence or around the T2 stand structure. See if there’s any fan video from T3 on YouTube. I’ve got some video from the A6 section of T2 stand on YouTube. I think it’s the better position as you get a full sweep from t1-3 and you’re above the catch fence. And it’s a third of the price of T3.



    Thanks for that, much appreciated. There are two T3 options, one fully enclosed that you spoke of, and yes 3 times the price, and the one we were looking at seems a mix of normal grandstand and then private bar, meals etc, a bit of a in between.

    I know what you mean about corporate types on freebies – its actually a good thing as you can easily eliminate those who you want to speak to. We got stuck on a table of employees of a high profile F1 insurance sponsor and it was great (: , one F1 ‘expert’ said, in much authority to her colleagues “this is Lewis Hamilton, he won the championship in his first year in Formula one!”, I had to reply “um, Hamilton was actually second in that year but won his second year, which is still amazing, by the way that person you are showing is Jenson Button…………. they are both English though! – the pain :)

    Its not all bad as through elimination of the Corps we found a father & son F1F’s that we are now lifelong friends with and have done Melbourne, Malaysia, Spain and Monaco- but I have found a proper fan that buys something in the corporate options (rather than a freebie) are the minority, and that’s one thing wrong with F1.


    hi can someone advise on what can be taken into the circuit mainly drink ie alcolol. would like to avoid huge prices for beer etc x any other tips would be most apiciAted. we have a combination ticket i think its pit fri bay sat penang sun.

    vickie x


    @Vickie I’m pretty sure alcohol would be forbidden. I’ve brought in all types of food and drink in previous years but I’m not a drinker so I can’t say. Be prepared for a big queue for booze on site. I think security will be tougher this year, not that it was ever lax; reports of half a dozen dudes with mortars arrested trying to illegally enter Sg this week.

    We’re doing the Bay/Pit/Padang pass this year. We’ve been at T1 for the past years so I’m looking forward to a change of scenery (also closer to the Padang stage fun). I can’t wait.


    Water is the only thing you can take in. A cold bear will become pretty much warm beer inside 15minutes outside a fridge so little point trying to smuggle it in when you can buy at pretty much regular prices at the 7-11, Glutton Bay food centre and Singapore Food trail food centre all within the circuit. These are regular everyday places that find themselves ring fenced within the circuit for 3 days, not the F1 specific overprices pop up stalls.

    Greg Kingston

    Our tickets arrived last week (from bookf1). The enclosed circuit guide has a pretty good list of what you can and cannot take into the circuit. For drinks you’re limited to a bottle of non-alcoholic drink.

    Greg Kingston

    I’ll post the update we just received from bookf1, in case it is of use to anyone (hope that’s ok Keith!)

    After Lewis Hamilton dominated practice and qualifying at last weekend’s Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, he suffered from a faltering race day start and teammate Nico Rosberg shot into the lead. Hamilton was unable to surpass his team mate’s pace and Rosberg took the chequered flag, reducing the Championship title race down to just two points between first and second place. There has also been plenty of buzz off the track this week, with Felipe Massa announcing his retirement at the end of the season, British favourite Jenson Button signing a new contract with McLaren but with a year away from racing, and Liberty Media confirming their purchase of a controlling stake in Formula 1.

    As the F1 Paddock packs up and leaves Europe for the last time in the 2016 season, we are looking ahead to the shining lights of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix night race. In preparation for your visit, we wanted to get in touch and highlight some key information to help you get the most out of the race weekend.

    Entertainment Highlights

    For 2016, Marina Bay Street Circuit have put together a spectacular line-up of musicians and artists, so fans can look forward to some stellar entertainment at this year’s Grand Prix! Friday kicks off with international Pop Princess Kylie Minogue, who will perform on the Padang stage after the on-track action. On Saturday, fans will be treated to two concerts, with British rock band Bastille playing before qualifying and international legends Queen + Adam Lambert continuing the party after the on-track action has finished. On Sunday the entertainment will continue all day with a further two concerts; New Jersey singer-songwriter Halsey will perform before the main race on Sunday and then to round off this incredible line-up, Imagine Dragons will take to the stage after the chequered flag. The evening concerts will take place at the Zone 4 Padang stage. All ticket holders with entry for the relevant day will have access to these concerts.

    Fans in Zones 1 and 2 who want to get to the concerts can use the track to get to Zone 4 once the on-track action has finished each day. In order to do this please proceed to Turn 20, by the Singapore Flyer, and await the all-clear from event staff to proceed down the track.

    In addition to these fantastic performers on the Padang Stage, there will be several other performances on the Zone 1 Sunset Stage, the Zone 1 Village Stage, the Zone 4 Coyote Stage, and the Zone 4 Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Stage.

    As well as stage acts, there will also be roving performers entertaining fans all around the track over the race weekend. Watch out for British Illusionist Dynamo, who will be roving Zone 1 on Saturday and Zone 4 on Sunday. A summary of the entertainment highlights including locations can be found in your bookF1.com online account.

    Race Weekend Travel

    Due to the road closures that are required for a street circuit, the best way to reach Marina Bay is using public transport. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is Singapore’s subway/metro system. There are six MRT stations that serve the circuit entrance gates and extra trains will be put on, along with extended opening times for the Formula 1 event. Your ticket will specify the recommended entry gate/gates for your viewing area. Please be aware that there are some changes in gate numbers from previous years, so check the gate that you need on the circuit map provided with your tickets. This can also be downloaded, along with the Parking and Pedestrian Routes Map, from your bookF1.com online account. These will outline the best routes to access your gate and grandstand each day.

    Fans with Zone 3 (Bay Grandstand) tickets can enter in any gate in Zone 4. However, please note that fans cannot enter via Gate 9 on the Helix Bridge as this is in Zone 2.

    There will also be a shuttle bus running between Lavender MRT station and Gate 1 of the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Please only use this service if you intend to enter the circuit at Gate 1.

    Alternatively, there are a range of designated taxi points located around the entrance gates for both arriving and departing from the circuit. The locations of these taxi points can also be found on the Parking and Pedestrian Routes Map.

    Extra Tips

    The circuit will be open from 2.30pm each day, Friday to Sunday. Weekend ticket-holders will have a ticket for each individual day so please ensure you bring the correct ticket with you.

    Marina Bay Street Circuit does not allow food and drink to be brought into the park (except one 600ml bottle of water per person) but refreshments can be purchased from outlets once inside the circuit area. There are a large variety of different food choices available throughout the circuit, including vegetarian and halal options.

    Many of the food, drink and merchandise outlets will accept card payments, however it is recommended that you bring cash to the circuit park. ATM machines are available, and accept most local and international cards, but you may experience long queues at these points.

    Flags and laser pointers are also prohibited and due to limited space the circuit ask spectators not take bulky items such as folding chairs, bicycles etc. Bag checks will be carried out on entry into the circuit, and for this reason, Marina Bay Circuit request all spectators minimise baggage where possible to avoid long delays.

    Try to travel light in comfortable clothes and shoes, and you may want to consider taking a camera for personal use and ear plugs to help reduce the engine noise. Binoculars can also be a great addition for seeing the on-track action and TV screens up-close. Umbrellas are permitted in the grandstands, but these may only be used in the case of wet weather, and are not permitted as a method of protection from the sun. Additionally, survival kits which include ear plugs and a poncho will be available to purchase for $2.00 from the vending areas.

    If you have a personal radio, tune in to 102 FM to listen to live commentary. The Official Spectator Guide will be available to pick-up on arrival at the circuit. You can also download the free Official Singapore GP App from the iTunes App Store (iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (Android) to keep updated on all the race weekend excitement.

    Please be aware that there will be a very large number of spectators exiting the venue at the same time to get home. Therefore, the circuit kindly request that fans are patient as organisers try to get everyone safely out of the venue as quickly as possible.

    Special Promotions

    Fans with access to Zone 1 can use the Singapore Flyer for free over the race weekend. To make the most of this special offer, Zone 1 patrons can simply show their official race tickets at the Singapore Flyer ticketing counters over the race weekend, as you will not need a separate ticket.

    Marina Bay Street Circuit is offering a number of special promotions for other events in and around Singapore. From world-class entertainment, nightlife, dining to shopping take advantage of these offers between the 9th-18th September and immerse yourself in the Grand Prix Season Singapore! Further information on the offers can be found in the Tourism Guide in your bookF1.com online account.

    New for 2017, Madame Tussauds Singapore have devised a special programme to compliment the F1 fever. They will have an exclusive photo opportunity for the Grand Prix Season, whereby guests can hop onto the podium and take a photo with the waxwork of their favourite racing champion! Furthermore, F1 ticket holders will get 20% off admission if they show their F1 ticket at the counter, as well as 50% off photo purchases.


    The weather in Singapore is likely to be hot and humid with temperatures in the low 30’s (degrees centigrade), and then dropping slightly, to high 20s (degrees centigrade) in the evening. Although September is one of the lower rainfall months, showers are currently expected over the race weekend. As the grandstands are uncovered it’s worth being prepared for all conditions by bringing sun protection and plenty of water to stay hydrated and packing a poncho or raincoat. To help plan your day, it’s worth checking the weather each afternoon before you visit:



    Thanks Greg, good info. I have booked at Book F1 before and alwyas been happy before. This year we have gone straight through the Singapore circuit at Turn 3 and they have been great, quick replies and good info.

    My first GP at Singapore, I have done many else home & away but the night race is exciting- Dan a good chance.

    I have been told drinks (beer & cocktails, wine ect) can be very expensive but find a few small bars with the locals and will be 1/3rd the price. Also in town is top buck, move out a bit and not too bad!

    what stand are you at?

    Greg Kingston

    We’re in the Bay grandstand. We wanted to have a good view of the fireworks afterwards!


    For next year, remember if you book via the ticket hotline on The official Singapore F1 website, you can choose you individual seats by seat and row number (I prefer to be high up and by an aisle). You can choose to pick up tickets in Singapore on arrival if you think you might be off early on travels and postal tickets arrive after you have left.

    My Singapore F1 tips guide is still somewhere on the forum.


    Hey all, We are heading to Singas tomorrow from HK. To save cash we have bought Premier Walkabout tickets. Been searching everywhere to try find advice of good places to watch from. Anyone here ever given it a go with Walkabout. Like the idea of being free to mission about and soak up the vibe but come race time we want to have a good seat as we are big racing fans. If anyone has any advice it will be much appreciated. Thaanks in advance and enjoy the race.

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